Ranking the Metroid Games from Worst to Best

From Xfire: "Is Super Metroid still as super as it once was in 1994? If not, which Metroid game is better than the influential title?"

Highrevz829d ago

I look forward to the day any game beats that Super, Metroid or not.
Hollow Knight come damn near close to knocking Super Metroid from the top of my list, that’s a huge achievement for such a small team.

The problem for me is I’ve been waiting for a 2D Metroid that beats Super but I don’t think I’ll ever see that day. I still play the original 1-2 times a year and a few randomiser plays.

Fully agree with the list and all points it makes for each game. I’m expecting Dread to fit in the middle of that list but I’m happy to be wrong about that.

Venoxn4g828d ago

In my opinion Other M is better than Federation Force


8 Best Games Set In A Multiverse

One of the biggest TV and movie tropes in the last decade has been the multiverse, the idea of exploring multiple dimensions to uncover alternate versions of existing ideas. From both a business and creative perspective, it makes sense why established franchises are shaking things up in this way.

However, there aren't many video games latching on to this trend, as rendering multiple worlds in real-time is a difficult feat and the medium is relatively young in comparison to its contemporaries, making crossover opportunities more difficult. Still, there are a few great titles that manage enough to overcome these challenges, and here are some of the best examples.

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Christopher85d ago

While I love someone mentioning Planescape, not really multiverse. Planes and dimensions, yes. But, they are typically their own locations and are very rarely tied to another 'verse' let alone another plane. The only things that are directly tied are the ethereal and material planes. Otherwise, they are dimensions created of their own design and goals by the creator/owner and not comprised of 'their own version of another dimension'.


Metroid Prime 4 is Starting to Feel Like Nintendo's Red-Headed Stepchild

Many fans are still patiently waiting for some kind of Metroid Prime 4 update, but it looks like Nintendo doesn't even want to acknowledge the game.

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masterfox153d ago

Im pretty sure Nintendo wants a Metroid 4 no doubt, but what's happening they can't go thru the project cause while developing the idea of what Metroid 4 wants to be Nintendo and developers faces an instant wall in the face(Switch) and can't go any further with the project, and so they are looking ways for a workaround how to suffice this limitations but in the end they just can't go thru due the Switch is just an archaic device, so they just and end up delaying it more and more until technology is able to reach Nintendo.

isarai153d ago

As a red-headed stepchild myself...


Tacoboto152d ago

Metroid Prime 4 will release after all:
- A feature-parity Switch version of COD
- An XGS title getting nominated for GOTY
- TLOU Factions 2
- Gotham Knights Batman DLC

ZeekQuattro152d ago

Yeah at least Nintendo still releases new Metroid games every few years. F-Zero meanwhile was last seen on the GCN. Either that or the GBA. Either way it's been some time.

XbladeTeddy152d ago

You need some Halls Soothers. Helps with coughing.

Chocoburger152d ago

I remember E3 2017 when Nintendo only showed off a logo for the trailer. I knew this game was just entering development, but diehard fans were in denial saying, "Just because they only showed the logo that doesn't mean it's all they've made for the game."

Heh, how wrong they were.

luckytrouble152d ago

At least they didn't just announce with some words on a piece of paper, but yeah, when they can't cobble together even a basic trailer of any kind, you know development is likely still pre-alpha. It's like Dragon Quest 12 was announced with only a logo, so nobody with two brain cells to rub together is all that surprised we haven't seen anything about the game since then.


Survey Asks Metroid Prime Remastered Users About Metroid Prime 4

We'd like to play Metroid Prime 2 and 3 to pass the time, too.

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ZeekQuattro198d ago

Didn't care for Prime 2 all that much but I really liked 3. I'd buy a HD remaster of it in a heartbeat.

Aaroncls7198d ago

all great games, do it Nintendo

ZwVw198d ago

Would like to see Prime Hunters get the remaster treatment. That game doesn't get enough love.