Ars techina: Game Review: Army of Two

Ars techina writes: In an age of testosterone-induced shooters and teen angst, Army of Two positions itself as some kind of machismo messiah: there is so much swearing and blood and over the top touches like playing air guitar on your gun that many young North American males are bound to worship this game. Flashy action like the back-to-back, Tequila Bomb-esque sequences that start in a hail of gunfire and end in an empty room of bodies and bullets will have action-loving gamers floored. On the surface, this is like the best summer action flick you've ever been to with a buddy.

But beneath that first impression is a surprisingly complex game that co-op fans will hail as one of the best multiplayer games of the generation. Despite its looks, its vulgarity, its attitude, and its cartoon-like feel, Army of Two is really a thinking man's game, and effective strategy is rewarded with more money and more glory. The game takes the basic idea of shooting alongside a friend and adds welcome complexity to the idea with a healthy selection of team-specific mechanics.

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