GamerTM: Army of Two Review

A competent shooter that frequently strays off the path of greatness, Army of Two has improved a lot since GamerTM saw it last but still can't muster the kind of sustained entertainment factor that could have made it a contender. There are far worse games out there, sure, but few that tackle such big issues in such a blinkered and cringeworthy manner.

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butterfinger3974d ago

and I definitely thought this game was really a great amount of fun. This is the lowest review score I have seen and I believe it is undeserving. If I had to rate this personally I would say about an 8. You really should play it with a friend, though, to allow it to reach its full potential:)

OpiZA3974d ago

Apparently no system link campaign co-op.

If true. Fail.

picker3323974d ago

I dont' know how this game play's but it look's like it's a Kane & Lynch shooter,I mean the bullets is flying everywhere makes it almost impossible to hit someone.

Like in Kane & Lynch.

So i'll pass this game...Atleast for now.

ASSASSYN 36o3974d ago

Looks can be deceiving. Play the game at a friends house or rent. This game has very good accuracy depending on how you set up your firearm.

cobhatecrew3974d ago

i think its good that there is bullets flying everywhere. i mean thats why there is the cover system. if there wasnt bullets flying everywhere making it hard to kill people then why have a cover system at all?