Gametrailer's Army Of Two Review

Cooperative play is a great option to have, but could this game be too much of a good thing?

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Asurastrike5678d ago (Edited 5678d ago )

One is the loneliest number.

Winter47th5678d ago (Edited 5678d ago )

I always find GT reviews to be the most credible of'em all, at least they pin-point the ups and downs in front of you and they leave the final judgement to you.

Excalibur5678d ago

I'm glad I only paid $25.00 for the game.

MK_Red5678d ago

I don't really agree with their review and score. They say in co-op game's level design problems become slightly less bothering but in really, the game becomes rather flawless in co-op.
It's a really unique and fun experiece and ages better than any other co-op I've played. The back to back moments are uber awesome and when you're wounded and your friend drags you to a safe place for healing, you really thank him and feel as if you owe him/her your life!

Also, they criticize the graphics for being weak but seriously, AoT is a really good looking game and has superb special effects and such. Sure, it's no GOW2 but it looks really good and much better than GT said IMO.

Overall, it's a solid 8/10 from me and it mainly because I play alone most of the time and don't like multiplayer much but have to confess that co-op in this game is a riot so from a multiplayer gamer's prespective, it could easily be a 8.5/10 or even a 9/10.

Laexerias5678d ago

I think they are kind of dumb.. dont know but the Gameplay Experiance is great, this new Co-Op Mode (even with the Comp. as Partner) is funny as hell i like the game!

thewhoopimen5678d ago

I have to agree with the review that the plot is a bit paper thin. When my buddy and I hopped on to coop game last night it felt like a generic shooter at first until toward the baghdad missions, then the more linear tunnel maps gave way to open maps and we had a blast. The game didn't really get immersive until then, but when it did... boy was it fun!
I totally recommend getting the game if you have a friend to shoot with. In the coop regard this is like a 8.5-9 game. I can't say much for the single player b/c the Ai is weak. However, the kill animations are phenomenal. And it really gets the friendly competitiveness going. One of many highlights that night was when my charc kneed an enemy in the groin, and my buddy who just happened to be there, clotheslined him as he was doubling over and boom! that poor guy somersaulted on the ground. The poor dude tried weakly to get up (and I think this is the result of a poor melee attach button) but then my friend executed the guy in the head lol.... very bloody fun.

jinn5678d ago

it should have been at least an 8

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