Army of Two blog: AO2 goes online

Matt Turner, Assistant Producer of Electronic Arts, writes:

"Ta Da! AO2 is out and it's angry. And if you don't pay attention it will kick your ass and then move into your home and make long distance calls. So buy it or suffer the pain. Moving on, AO2 versus mode is pretty sweet. We really wanted to do something different from your standard multiplayer formats and went in a new direction altogether. It's 2 versus 2 objective based competitions. I have had a lot of fun playing it and will tell you guys about some of the finer points."

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M0KILLaU3968d ago

This game is so fn buggy. iv played it for a few hours and it locked up 4 times. freezes your player (you run but don't move), and the co-op AI does some of the most retarded things(pulls you right to the feet of a boss). I wanted this title to be good but it is a huge let down.


it reminds me of the two bank robbers in calif.they were dressed up in full armor and tons of fire and my brother in law played split screen yesterday and its the best game we played this year.A+!PLAY B3YOND!!

cobhatecrew3965d ago

have you tried playing with a good co-op partner?
and i agree that the online 2v2 multiplayer is really quite fun even though its only 2v2 you have the enemy ai all over the place in the maps and it makes it seem much larger and the objectives are fun and hard at some points too, but if you dont have a good partner its got as fun.