Gametap: Army of Two Review

Ultimately, what you need to take away from this is that Army of Two is a co-op focused game, much more so than even Gears of War. If you pick this up, you absolutely need to be playing with a friend. It's borderline broken when playing alone, but if you are taking down tangos with a buddy, it becomes a much better and unique, experience.

Pros: Great co-op mechanics; decent customization options; looks pretty.

Cons: Atrocious partner AI; it can't decide whether it's serious or goofy; it essentially requires a friend who also has the game before being good.

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Drekken4001d ago

I cant believe a game built for coop is being bashed for bad single player experience.

I have friends buying this game and a roommate that will play split screen. I wonder what they would rank it if they didnt have to fuss with single player

jinn4001d ago

gametap needs to show some love to the game

Silvanos4001d ago

I checked with a few friends before I decided to buy this, once we all agreed on a system I picked it up for the PS3.

Lord Vader4001d ago

Metacritic is falling by the minute now that reviews are hitting. Seems like it's adding up to a questionable buy. My problem is most reviews give very little replay value & it lasts less than 10 hours...


Grown Folks Talk4001d ago

in EA's force disturbing. = }

Lord Vader4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )


seriously, i hate it - Kane & Lynch sucked IMHO, I was wanting more for A02.

Grown Folks Talk4001d ago

K & L was better with friends but not much. I wouldn't quite call the A.I. Perfect Dark Zero crappy, but it wasn't far off. I'll watch somebody else play it 1st. Or wait for word from my buddies.

cobhatecrew3999d ago

that it has more replay value then you think. i like how insane some of the weapon customizations are and how you can change your apearance with some sick looking gear and stuff but i dont know, havent been able to find it anywhere! yet....

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