Rumor: Crysis shown on Xbox 360 to 'prospective publishers' at GDC

Joystiq Writes:

A glib response from a Crytek representative may have revealed that Crysis is coming to the Xbox 360. The rep reportedly told Primotech that the Xbox 360 version was being shown behind close doors to "prospective publishers" at last month's Game Developers Conference.

This is far from a confirmation; the Crytek rep may have misspoken. Furthermore, we'd be surprised if Crysis PC publisher Electronic Arts didn't have the foresight to secure rights to the console game as well. We do know that Crytek planned on showing off a console version of CryEngine 2 (which runs Crysis), and although the assets were likely Crysis, perhaps the prospective publishers were just looking for a game engine.

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mighty_douche4185d ago

Like the article said, more than likely an engine demo if anything. I very much doubt it was "crysis" the game.

Still if its true its a push in the right direction, Cryteck have had a secret PS3 team for a long time now, so they're obviously starting to show some love towards the consoles.

Charlie26884185d ago

That is probably right cuz if we remember the interviews Crytek has said that they are working on the console version of the CryEngine 2 but when asked if it was for a console version of Crysis they said that it wasn't for that but for "other projects"

which could be any other gamer or licensing the engine like the UE3 (that is why the use of "prospective publishers")

gEnKiE4185d ago

Thats exactly what I was thinking when I seen this post. I'm sure its just a demo of the engine that their using. Not Cysis....

Crazyglues4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

I reported this a long time ago, and everyone just about bit my head off for saying Crysis was coming to the console...

I said long ago that they where working on CryEngine 2 for consoles, and that Crysis would indeed find it's way to the PS3 and people just went crazy. I said Cryteck has had a secret PS3 team. And people said yeah right! No they don't. What a difference a day makes.

Just think about this, Do you think Crysis would sell a million copies if it came to consoles. The answer - Of course it would. So now the no-brainier, if that's true don't you think it makes sense to make one for the consoles.

Cwalat4185d ago

Once said that there was a possibilaty for a Crysis Console port and ppl freaked out saying it would never happen, and if it did it would look worse than Just Cause,

Obviously its a possibility cause they want to have a "test" game for consoles and what better than Crysis could they put on consoles ?

zonetrooper54185d ago

Well for the time being, if you want Crysis then get a PC. That is what I will be doing anways.

Citizen Cook4185d ago

And you KNOW we'll get the better version. AS ALWAYS!

Why? Because our system is developer friendly and build with GAMERS in mind, not movie addicts. lol

Why do developers even BOTHER with PS3rd? No one buy s games for it, they look crap, the money is where the 360 is.


sunnygrg4185d ago

Just play your games, buy multiplatform games that are superior, but donot bash the consoles. Every consoles have their ups and downs.

ASSASSYN 36o4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Hey slow down turbo. Nothing was confirmed. I will be the first to fire my guns a sony kids but at least I wait for the Facts 'N' Proof before I laugh at some peaunt heads. You need to chill 5 seconds and wait for reality to settle in.

Eamon4185d ago

And the graphics are amazing.

I might get it if it comes out on console.

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