GamePro Review: Army Of Two Proves Two Heads Are Better Than One

If you're playing alone, or looking for a competitive online rampage, Army of Two teeters between middling fun and frustration, but if you take the time to give the meaty co-op component its due you'll find yourself sucked in by one of the few gun-obsessed romps worth playing through again and again.

Pros: Excellent co-op, enemy AI, aggro management, equipment upgrades, long missions.

Cons: Fatally flawed partner AI, tricky cover system, weak versus mode.

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xaphanze3933d ago

how long is the campaign mode?

Serjikal_Strike3933d ago

Most of the reviews I've seen so far have given this game good scores...So thats enough reason to buy this tomorrow!

Alcaponeyou3933d ago

nice avatar
i forgot the topic

Serjikal_Strike3933d ago

Its around 10 hours.....maybe a little more!

Jamegohanssj53933d ago

4.5/10? A little higher than expected, but it will do. Good job whoever made this game.

The Genius has spoken.

The Closing3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

For a self proclaimed genius you sure have a hard time deciphering 5's from 10's. It must have been truly perplexing for someone of your extreme intellect.

Rice3933d ago

This is a definite rent for me...

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