TrustedReviews: Lost Via Domus

All the same, it's hard to recommend that you and even Lost obsessives buy the game, simply because you can easily hack through it in five or six hours and - at £30 - that isn't a lot of bang for buck. I don't mind praising a £40 game when it delivers eight hours of sheer genius, but that isn't the case with Lost.

If you still want to get it, here's a simple test. If you got Sky to watch Lost or paid £40+ for the season three box set, then please go ahead with TrustedReview's blessing. If not, rent it and enjoy it while it lasts, then be glad that you didn't spend more of your cash on this sometimes fine but mostly flawed attempt to bring the show to video game life.

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sak5004185d ago

Nothing but mixed reviews coming for this one. If it has anything to do with the TV version, expect more questions than answers.