Gamedaily: Army of Two Review - It takes Two to tango, and these guys put up a hell of a dance

Gamedaily writes: We've got enough experience with mercenary/military action games to make us think we're enlisted in the service. However, like any good dessert, there's always room for more, and Army of Two more than satisfies. Electronic Arts put together a finely tuned action opus, one that serves genuine purpose when to comes to team empowerment.

Visually, Army of Two scores with outstanding details. The soldiers look very intimidating with their custom mercenary gear (we love those skull helmets) and plenty of slick moves, such as the cover slide. The levels are great, varying in locale and providing lots of cover points and stuff to blow up. You'll love taking a ride on the aircraft carrier, with waves so realistic you may actually feel seasick. The display darkens a little bit quickly if you take too much damage, but it gives you this creepy feeling that you're seriously about to die, unless your partner can pull you out of harm's way. Overall, this is a marvelous looking game.

Then there's audio, which is in a league by itself. The music is decent, consisting of battle themes that are nowhere near as irritating as the rock tune in the recent TV ad. However, the voice work really shines, aggressive and humorous at the same time.

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Drekken4187d ago

Again... tomorrow can not come fast enough!

sonarus4187d ago

i am hearing army of two lacks online coop. If this is true this game is absolutely of no use to me. Please someone clarify

Drekken4187d ago

that is basically the point of the game... It has online coop.

sonarus4187d ago

i heard they removed it due to performance issues or something.

Ghoul4187d ago


whoever told you that is a trashtalker

it does have online coop played it several hours allready

Ben10544187d ago

The online Co-Op , they said on gamer TV.
go on wikipidia it say about the online on there

OpiZA4187d ago

Yeh Drekken :) Gonna be awesome!

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va_bank4187d ago

They can't seem to get people excited about this - if the review scores stay in 8+ I don't see why they wouldn't put one out.

I was beginning to think that this would be a horrible game, only because with most games reviews come out a couple of days before release, but so far reviewers seem to like it.

MikeGdaGod4187d ago

yeah i might wait for a while on this one. i'm getting GoW today so by the time i'm done with that maybe we'll get a demo for this.

MrWonderful4187d ago

i dont know what EA is smoking but they need to stay on it and keep making good games (cough madden cough)

actas1234187d ago

"and these guys put up a hell of a dance"
Well your review score doesn't show a "hell of a dance". If 8 is a hell of a dance what in gods name is a 9.5!!!! I think this game is being underrated by many reviewers just because its an EA game. This game deserves a 9.0 easy.

brocool4187d ago

the game hasnt even been released yet.. wait for the ign review, Dumb scouser

Bleucrunch4187d ago

I still dont support EA and Never will until they show me that they care about making games and bring new ideas instead of trying to satisfy shareholders and being repetitive.

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