X-Play Review - Army of Two

"Army of Two is a dream come true for co-op enthusiasts. It doesn't hit every note perfectly, but the campaign and team-based multiplayer modes are the perfect reasons to pester your old Gears of War buddy into picking it up." -- Matt Keil


• Good visuals, Great special effects
• Occasionally daring storyline
• Well-written dialogue
• Co-op player's dream
• Great weapon customization


• Slippery controls in some situations
• Partner AI less-than-adequate
• Gears of War did a lot of it better

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solar4001d ago

8/10. still havent seen a flat out bad review. EA took a chance at a new IP and it seems to be an alright title. they at least deserve some credit for that. but before i buy i need a few more reviews to see what the "cons" are across the board.

Drekken4001d ago

Maybe its the coop.... but I am hyped about this game. I want it now!!

3rd Person shooters rock :)

You bought an Xbox4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

A PS3 exclusive
Army of 60 (players online)

Xbots Suck

Drekken4001d ago

LOL... the randomness is great

The Closing4001d ago

So I'll be picking this one up today if I can find it. Went to walmart earlier, and they didn't have it in yet.

mariusmal4001d ago

i loved gears coop. so yeah... she is right, the gam is custom built for me eheh

kewlkat0074001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

I love co-op games, and Gears really did it for me. Too Human, may be next but I'll be waiting for more reviews.

I know PS3 owners, always on the lookout when it comes to EA.

I've been staying clear of shooters, and now there are more coming out(hard to resist), I might get this game. Will we get a DEMO?

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The story is too old to be commented.