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EG: "Citadel is not just the last expansion for the game but a send-off for the entire trilogy, filled with lore, old faces, in-jokes and cameos. It's a witty and touching goodbye to the series' characters and a love letter to the game's hardcore fans."

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CaptainYesterday3117d ago

This might be the only DLC I really want, I was watching someone play through it I was amazed. It's funny also corny but I enjoyed the dialogue this is the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Blacktric3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )


I'm sure around 1:08 mark, you'll either change your mind, or have some serious thoughts against getting it.

Edit: "Mass Effect 3/ the musical"

Brought to you buy Hamburger Helper.

Software_Lover3117d ago

.................... That is some of the funniest $h!t I have ever seen.

Mass Effect 3/ the musical.

Blacklash933117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )


Yeah, that was corny as hell. But are you really gonna hold the entire DLC against it?

And Hamburger Helper? That's the incredibly disrespectful nickname people call one of the Dragon Age writers (whom had nothing to with this DLC or ME3, I'll add) because they have the maturity level of middle-schoolers, right? Grow up.

I was quite disappointed with ME3, but this bitterness and spite needs to stop. It's been an entire year and evidently that's still not enough time for people to get over the rage caused by the letdown. This has gone far beyond cricism, as nicknames like "Hamburger Helper" show very well. I look at this stuff and it becomes clear why people look down on gamer culture.

Blacktric3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )


Yes you are absolutely correct. We are the a-holes of the gaming community because we are extremely displeased after two big letdowns. And again, we are at fault because people like Hamburger Helper failed to deliver a decent, cohesive storyline that was supposed to be above and beyond a fanfic written by a teenage boy/girl with Bioware's two latest games. You are completely right. We shouldn't be angry at all, let alone calling that poor woman names. The same woman who called everyone jealous because they don't have a vagina and not working at the industry. There is only one person here that needs growing up, and it's you with your holier than thou, white knight attitude while repeatedly ignoring the fact that Bioware's writing's been going down the drain with each and every release since DA: Origins. Oh and, the entire premise of the DLC's getting laughed at by some on BSN, which should tell you something. And the actual plot had good enough premise to be the main plot of a main game (if done right). But instead, they decided to go with the DLC route and considering their track record, ME 4's plot execution is also going to be laughable.

Also; "gamer culture"

Thanks for the laugh.

Godmars2903117d ago

Have to agree with Blacktric. While I get this DLC is nothing but fanservice, it may as well be yet another middle fingers to those critical of the ending. Its not going to convince any of those "fans" to pick up ME4 day-one. More likely drive them away further while convincing them Bioware has become nothing but pandering and incompetent.

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Sovereign593117d ago

If you can push all thoughts of how terrible the game's ending is and focus only on enjoying this final reunion with the friends you've made saving the galaxy in the first two games, then this DLC is very enjoyable. It worked for me with one exception. My love interest from ME2 and 3 said something to me that made me sad because I knew I was going to ultimately pick the control ending because no matter how much my Shepard cares for his love interest, he's not selfish. He's not going to choose destroy and sacrifice the Geth, EDI, etc. for the chance to survive and live happily with his love interest, and Synthesis... that's just NEVER an option for me.

Godmars2903117d ago

Just watching a clip where they have you walk in, and star, in some guy's fan-vid.

The Horror...

Given that this takes place in the middle of a urgent war where genocide is happening on a galactic scale - this DLC is definitely for fans. The ones who didn't mind and even liked the original ending.

Roccetarius3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Yeah, i wasn't exactly excited about this DLC. I'm not sure why, but i almost always found Bioware's DLC to be lacking. I never pay full price for their DLC.

Lair of the Shadow Broker was an exception.

Aloren3117d ago

It also takes place in the middle of maintenance on the ship. They couldn't do much besides enjoying the little free time they had. It's not like wasting 5 mins on the vid gave the reapers a tactical advantage.

Also :

Real people in real wars also like a good laugh :D

Godmars2903117d ago

1) Shepard and crew aren't normal ground soldiers: They're special ops. Are suppose to be.

2) The war they're in isn't a normal war. Its certainly not one were the bulk of active forces loiter about waiting for missions. Its suppose to be Normandy Beach on D-Day.

3) People by the millions are dying by the hours if not minute and everyone on that ship knows it. Are in the chain of information which confirms it.

Sure they should get to laugh now and then, but they sure as hell shouldn't be of a mind to sit down for an evening which features a romantic comedy and Karaoke.

I'm not even saying that the DLC is bad, but rather the overall setting its been dropped into the middle of comes off badly chosen if not inappropriate. Paints Bioware as devs who have no understanding about story development after its been given to them by the writers who wrote it.

Actually, says and explains alot about them.

greatcrusader443117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

This DLC was not what I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be strictly emotional but it was cheesy as hell. That's not knocking it though I loved it, I laughed so hard during some scenes (I literally had to hit the Xbox dash Burton to pause a scene because something Javik said made me burst out laughing, which I haven't done in a long time), and the ending was pretty emotional.

Its essentially a fan service dlc, which a lot of people are knocking it for being such, but if your a fan, why would you hate that? IMO the best DLC of the whole series and its sad to know I'll never see anything new of these characters ever again.