Wind Waker HD and Admitting When I Was Wrong

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Not too long ago I posted a blog suggesting that The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker might be the best looking game of all time (read it here). While I still hold to that (it is a gorgeous game after all), sadly, I also suggested that it was one of the few games that couldn’t be visually improved to any great degree".

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Rush2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

You were wrong about a blog post! holy ____ this has to be the greatest scope of all time.....

Deku-Johnny2058d ago

I can't wait for this game, I mean with the art style you can only really improve the lighting and colour as you mentioned. I mean you can't really make it look more realistic or whatever but no matter how small the improvement is I'll be happy. It's a beautiful looking game, probably the best Gamecube game.

Xof2057d ago

No, it can be improved.

At higher resolutions, the "edges" of the 3D models become much more apparent--rather than seeing the illusion of a perfectly curved surface, you see a bunch of straight lines at different angles, instead.


But, yeah, I get the idea. In general, cel-shading (and 2D games in general) age very, very well.

delboy2058d ago

Thanks N for making a proper remake, not just an upscaled HD cash version.