For the Love of Hylia, Give Us the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on the Switch Already

It's been 20 years since The Wind Waker's original release and nine years since the remaster. It's time for it to come to the Switch.

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PhillyDillyDee349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Nintendo rarely gives us what we want. Its kind-of hilarious at this point.

TheEnigma313349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Nintendo gives you what they want to give you. You just shut up and buy it by the millions.

rippermcrip349d ago

Begging for a 3rd release of a game. Nintendo got you all hook, line and sinker.

myfathersbastard349d ago

People want to replay older games in better quality with better quality of life updates. There’s nothing wrong with that. Zelda is a beloved franchise. And not everyone has a PC to emulate them with mods, or has the old hardware around to play them.
I haven’t played Wind Waker since I had a Wii U. I’d love to replay that. And I’ve never played Twilight princess. So I’d love a switch port/remake of that one.

rippermcrip348d ago

Youre only providing evidence for my claims.

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myfathersbastard348d ago

No. You just don’t understand the point I’m making. People love games. And want to replay them. I replay games all the time.
Technology gets better. Games age. Why wouldn’t you want to play an updated version, that can bring back some of the joy of when you played it for the first time.

rippermcrip348d ago

Because I'd rather play new games instead of playing a port (it isn't a remaster or remake) that is virtually the same as the old one.

myfathersbastard348d ago

Then don’t play them?
So you watch a movie, and in 1 year, 5 years, whatever it is, someone says they want to watch that movie again, you may not want to watch it, but other people do. Same thing.
Don’t spend your money on it. We’re not short on new games. If anything, Nintendo has been very sparse with their remakes/remasters. They port some older games to new consoles, but true remakes or remasters with real substance, those are rare for Nintendo. We’ve been asking for remakes or remasters of twilight princess for a decade. I’ve never even played it. I missed it back then, so would love a good remaster on switch. Shit we haven’t even gotten wind waker again and they did a great remaster on Wii U they could have easily ported over.
You only seem to care about what YOU don’t want, and not what other people may want.

rippermcrip348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

When studios put resources into this, that means they are not putting resources into new games that they could be.

So yes, it does affect others.

Twilight Princess has already been released on 3 generations of Nintendo consoles. Enough is enough. If you want to play it, buy one of those consoles or emulate it.

myfathersbastard347d ago

“eNoUgH iS eNoUgH”
Why do you sound offended people want to play games?
It released on 2 generations, at the same time as it was a cross generation release, almost 18 years ago, then a remaster in 2016. So I have to go spend well over $100, prob nearly $200 knowing what people charge for old Zelda titles, just so I can replay a VERY dated looking game? That most likely controls terribly? Or spend even more money on a PC so I can emulate it?
Do you see the logic problems here? This is why some people like remasters or remakes. It’s easier, and cheaper in the long run.
And they barely eat up resources. Most of these remakes and remasters get sourced out to young development studios anyway. The in house studios rarely get put on remasters and remakes.

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myfathersbastard349d ago

I’d love switch remakes if Ocerina, Majora, and Twight. Ocerina/Majora don’t play well on the switch online service. And they didn’t age that well. Having camera controls and smoother frame rate with better graphics would go a long way.
How many younger people have never played them and won’t because they don’t hold up THAT well. Yes they’re playable, but even my nostalgia glasses don’t help much. The damn 3DS ports looks better than the switch online ports.

AuraAbjure349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

What 3DS port? There's a 3DS port of OoT? How did I miss that?

Unless you used the word "port" wrong. 3DS OoT was a remake, not a port.

myfathersbastard348d ago

Yeah I guess it would be a remake. Def had better graphics. But besides that there wasn’t much changed so I called it a port. I think remake is the proper classification though.
The majoras mask 3DS remake though got the camera control added so in my head that rings true as a remake.

DarkZane349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

I'd rather have Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons remake like Link Awakening got instead of Wind Waker or Twilight Princess remastered a 3rd time. In fact, those two should have been remade instead of Link Awakening since they're better.

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Rebel_Scum28d ago

I'd put Street Fighter 2 over 3. 2 and all its different versions dominated the arcade scene back in the day in a way that 3 never did.

Abear2128d ago

Agreed, Same with Metal Gear Solid imo. Came for Bioshock and was not disappointed. Would easily put Burger Time or Space Taxi over tempest. Also, OG Sim City and Oregon Trail. Mario 64 as well. Just too many!

Abear2128d ago

Never played it I gotta get on this one

Double_O_Revan28d ago

Me too. I didn't have a GC until way later and never played it. I've been waiting on Nintendo to release the HD edition on the Switch for forever, but they just won't!

FinalFantasyFanatic27d ago

I never bought a Gamecube, I've always had an urge to play this game, maybe it'll get a remaster in the future.

LoveSpuds27d ago

I played it on WiiU for the first time and it remains my fave Zelda game to date. So much character and a real sense of exploration without the open world bloat.

Petebloodyonion28d ago

Ms Pacman?
SSF2 Turbo over 3 simply by the 10000000000's ports of the game we're still having
Castlevania SOTN?
Zelda Link to the Past over Wind Waker
Super Mario Bros 3?
Chrono Trigger?
Resident evil4?
COD MW2 (the original)?
Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solid?

Here's my reasoning for all of them versus the list proposed in the article.
They are still quite enjoyable from start to finish on their original platform, unlike some Wind Waker or Okami that are fun when you play the remastered version (unless you call: forced to watch a 20-minute cutscene or have to blow for wind chance constantly fun).
Some of them are the pinnacle of what the console could do (MGS, Chrono, MGS)
Lots of them are still considered the go-to-go game for their genre.

Shane Kim27d ago

Said it before but Heart of Darkness is truly a timeless gem.