20 Best GameCube Games of All Time

Nintendo's little purple square didn't get the acclaim at the time, but the best GameCube games show what a powerhouse it really was.

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darthv72374d ago

Oh man... FZero. That is actually the only game I ever got sick off of. And Im not talking motion sick but full on seizure induced sick. It was so damn fast that my eyes just couldnt keep up and I found myself waking up in the hospital. Havent even tried to play it since, nearly 20 years ago. I can play wipeout, fast racing RMX, burnout... lots of other really fast racing games no problem. FZero really F'd me up that day.

Other cube games I never get tired of playing are mario kart dd, metroid prime, rogue leader and ikaruga

gold_drake373d ago

i agree with fzero. it was super fast lol. it gave me terrible headaches.

mark_loprototype374d ago

I wonder how alone I am in putting the REmake above Resident Evil 4.

_Decadent_Descent373d ago

I certainly expected Remake to make the list.

XxINFERNUSxX374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Man, we need a Viewtiful Joe and Viewtiful Joe 2 remake, along with F-Zero GX, Metroid Prime 1,2,3, can't forget Eternal Darkness, damn that game was amazing, Baten Kaitos as well. Noticed I said remake not remaster, I would love them to be remade in a whole new engine brought up to at least 2022 standards.😊 Remade on Switch and ones that are 3rd party can go multi-platform.

rlow1374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Honestly that console was up there in my top 3. So many good innovative games. Eternal Darkness was brilliant with the way it messed with you….aka your controller is disconnected… lol. Metroid, Zelda, Viewtiful Joe, and so many others. I miss playing them. Been thinking of buying a GameCube and jumping back into the nostalgia.

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