Upcoming Downloadable PS3/PSP Games

Geekpulp writes: "Sony has sent us confirmation of release timing for a few games that were announced last year at E3. Elefunk and Echochrome are the two main items that catch my attention but there is also Flow for the PSP. I am looking forward to Echochrome as I know a lot of people are, there are never enough challenging puzzle games that are so different from the typical falling block games.

Pain is set to be released on the European store (NZ included) this month along with some bonus characters as an expansion. It would be nice if they had released a different map instead of the extra characters as that would increase replayability far more than some new characters."

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Darkiewonder5571d ago

Elefunk! This must be a Europe list since they have listed Ape Quest there!

DTClown5571d ago

or is any other PAIN owner tired of "just" more characters!? How about a new freakin map already!

TheWickedOne5571d ago

Aren't they making an amusement park map.

RecSpec5571d ago

That's what the PAIN blog says, but who knows when it will be out, if it comes out.

TheWickedOne5571d ago

Thats one of the only PSN title i'm looking forward to.

RecSpec5571d ago

Must buy? Sure, but for PS3 or PSP?

chaosatom3335571d ago (Edited 5571d ago )

i don't know. If it costs like 10 bucks, then yeah. I see the potential, but I don't know how many levels it's packing. It's a interesting concept for sure, but I am not sure if I am into it. It depends on how frustrating it is and longetivity.

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RecSpec5571d ago

Please, they are all the same. How bout some more High Velocity Characters? Complete with their own stage and ball.

socsca5571d ago

Flow for psp? Might get that one, to calm me down after tearing people apart with kratos...

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