PAIN Going Free-To-Play On PlayStation 3

Sony and Argentina-based developer QB9 are “reinventing” Pain, first launched on PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network in 2007, as a free-to-play title, Sony announced at its Brazil Game Show today.

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sinncross2477d ago

hmm cool I guess. never played it before so guess i cna try this version out.

Surprised there is no PS4 and/ or PSV version while they were at it.

But cool, will check it out since its free.

PoSTedUP2476d ago

its tons of fun. ive spent hours upon hours on this game back in the day.

Monkeycan82476d ago

Haha it's a blast. It was my first downloaded game ever.

Its theme is good too :P


FunAndGun2476d ago

Super OOCH!...ooch, ooch, ooch...

WeAreLegion2476d ago

Haha. I highly recommend it to anyone who has never played. So much fun.

5eriously2476d ago

I need some PAIN! Help.

No reason not to give it a try! I am sure my kids will enjoy it immensely!

GenericNameHere2476d ago

It was fun... But then I was bomblasted by billions of updates that took freaking weeks to download. I gave up then.

Afreelunch2476d ago

Yeah they released sooo many updates, and so many levels and modes that were locked behind paywalls, it took up waay too much hard drive space for what it was, and felt like I payed for a free-to-play game anyway. It was fun, but not fun enough for me to keep paying/downloading.

-EvoAnubis-2476d ago

PAIN should have ALWAYS been free-to-play.

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