PAIN Going Free-To-Play On PlayStation 3

Sony and Argentina-based developer QB9 are “reinventing” Pain, first launched on PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network in 2007, as a free-to-play title, Sony announced at its Brazil Game Show today.

sinncross3629d ago

hmm cool I guess. never played it before so guess i cna try this version out.

Surprised there is no PS4 and/ or PSV version while they were at it.

But cool, will check it out since its free.

PoSTedUP3629d ago

its tons of fun. ive spent hours upon hours on this game back in the day.

Monkeycan83629d ago

Haha it's a blast. It was my first downloaded game ever.

Its theme is good too :P


FunAndGun3629d ago

Super OOCH!...ooch, ooch, ooch...

WeAreLegion3629d ago

Haha. I highly recommend it to anyone who has never played. So much fun.

5eriously3629d ago

I need some PAIN! Help.

No reason not to give it a try! I am sure my kids will enjoy it immensely!

GenericNameHere3629d ago

It was fun... But then I was bomblasted by billions of updates that took freaking weeks to download. I gave up then.

Afreelunch3629d ago

Yeah they released sooo many updates, and so many levels and modes that were locked behind paywalls, it took up waay too much hard drive space for what it was, and felt like I payed for a free-to-play game anyway. It was fun, but not fun enough for me to keep paying/downloading.

-EvoAnubis-3629d ago

PAIN should have ALWAYS been free-to-play.

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Idol Minds, Please Make PAIN 2

If you’ve never heard or played PAIN, the game essentially gives you a giant slingshot and a character to fling around a giant map filled with random objects to cause pain to your character.

ThatKanadianKid3707d ago

Soooo many memories with this game, please do make a sequel I'll buy it day zero.

Prcko3707d ago

pain was so fun and addictive game
i want new one too!

Godmars2903707d ago

Sadly, isn't the only thing left of that studio is some of the senior staff and it's CEO?

Has been a while since I played it. Just haven't felt like - thought of - reinstalling it since replacing my PS3 from YLoD.

doctorstrange3706d ago

Yup, massively downsized and making iOS titles :(

Kiddcarter3707d ago

i liked pain on ps3 and would like a 2nd one, but i really want a pain game (even a port of the first) for ps vita

iceman063706d ago

This would be a great game on the Vita. It's one of those games that you could play in little portions or spend hours just doing mindless, crazy stuff. I wouldn't even mind an expanded port. (just give the DLC stuff)

BoNeSaW233706d ago

Idol Minds is closed. Do not hold your breath for them to develop another PAIN game. Maybe another studio though.


10 PS3 games you forgot existed – from complete misfires to great games that just didn’t catch on

OPM: In a six year console cycle there are always going to be PS3 games that dropped off your radar entirely. Let’s take a look down memory lane at some games that you’ve probably forgotten even existed. Prepare to go ‘Oh *yeah*!’ several times over.

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insomnium23783d ago

Oh yeah!

Also Rag Doll Kung-fu is an excellent game. Not that long ago when I fired it up.

DeforMAKulizer3783d ago

My friends and I still have countless amounts of fun with Rag Doll. And the video recording, permanently stored some awesome moves and weird glitches on the HDD =D

trenso13783d ago

yea that game was so much fun to play, it was even free a couple of years ago during a promotion.

Panthers3783d ago

Since, from what I understand, PS4 will be a lot easier to program for, I am hoping we can see a lot more games that dont have a huge budget, but great ideas, come to light. Some of the best PS3 games were smaller titles that just exploded onto the scene. Valkyria Chronicles, LittleBigPlanet, DemonSouls, Folklore, ect.

Im glad Sony has such a big focus on indie games with the PS4

Perjoss3783d ago

There's a reason why we forget certain games exist, apart from Folklore, that was a very interesting game.