Idol Minds, Please Make PAIN 2

If you’ve never heard or played PAIN, the game essentially gives you a giant slingshot and a character to fling around a giant map filled with random objects to cause pain to your character.

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ThatKanadianKid3459d ago

Soooo many memories with this game, please do make a sequel I'll buy it day zero.

Prcko3459d ago

pain was so fun and addictive game
i want new one too!

Godmars2903459d ago

Sadly, isn't the only thing left of that studio is some of the senior staff and it's CEO?

Has been a while since I played it. Just haven't felt like - thought of - reinstalling it since replacing my PS3 from YLoD.

doctorstrange3459d ago

Yup, massively downsized and making iOS titles :(

Kiddcarter3459d ago

i liked pain on ps3 and would like a 2nd one, but i really want a pain game (even a port of the first) for ps vita

iceman063459d ago

This would be a great game on the Vita. It's one of those games that you could play in little portions or spend hours just doing mindless, crazy stuff. I wouldn't even mind an expanded port. (just give the DLC stuff)

BoNeSaW233459d ago

Idol Minds is closed. Do not hold your breath for them to develop another PAIN game. Maybe another studio though.