Japan's XNA Games Looking Surprisingly Nice

Kotaku: You'd think that, considering the tepid, room temperature-response most of you had for America's finest XNA-developed titles, Japan's would be even worse. After all, tons of Americans have a 360, but very, very few Japanese do.

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green4193d ago

Armored strider really has good graphics.The grass is even better looking than some xbox games

sonarus4193d ago

some (mostly 360 loyalists) may still say JA doesn't matter but fact is they still put out some of the best and most creative games.

Iamback4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

For 360 to make it in Japan they need to do this:
1) Change name of X-box. "X" in Japan means "Broken" and its like "Broken-box", i am not joking folks this is true. I am sure this hurts them a lot.

2) Acquire some Japanese studios and help them grow

3)Release at least 20-30 Japanese RPGs every year(like Sony did with PS1 and PS2), from bad-mediocre-great-excelente rated JRPG. One or two (Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey) in two years is not enough. Japanese don't care for COD4, Halo3, BioShock, so give them what they want if you want sales to rise.

INehalemEXI4192d ago

Wow thats just wierd mojo.

t-0_ot-4193d ago

Iamback - "Change name of X-box. "X" in Japan means "Broken" and its like "Broken-box", i am not joking folks this is true. I am sure this hurts them a lot." Uhm, but, I'm sure, well I hope, that they know the 360 is an AMERICAN product.. therefor the X in xBox should not mean anything to them in their language.

sonarus4192d ago

lol it is still a cultural thing and will still play a subtle psychological effect

moparful994192d ago

Most cultures have different meanings for some things. This is why the names of things change from region to region in order to not offend or confuse people.... Just because the 360 is an american product does not change the fact that x in japan means broken... But the thing hurting the 360 the most is its hardware issues.

Dareaver14193d ago

I hope XNA really takes off. It has so much potential. Now is a time where creativity is less restrained and actually gets some breathing room. Who knows what's possible