Army of Two: US review at GameRevolver reviews Army of Two.

"EA has brought numerous new additions to games over the years, from racing to fighting to first person shooters, but I have to say, this is by far the most unique title we have seen to date. Army of Two not only emphasizes multiplayer camaraderie, but literally forces it upon you. You take on the role of your choice of Tyson Rios and Eliot Salem, to mercenaries working for the Security and Strategy Corporation (SSC). You are given a brief synopsis of how the two met early in the game, but for a more detailed view, just look in the manual, it's all there. Long story short, you were in the US Army Rangers together where, as a team, your skills shined through, impressing the likes of your commanding officer, and grabbing the attention of the SSC, which is where we start our venture."

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Rikitatsu3883d ago

actually, pretty good (i mean the score)

brocool3883d ago

Its about damn time! My bro and I can stop playing resistance (though its still fun on our 9th playthrough)
Thank you EA , you've done well.

MikeGdaGod3883d ago

i wrote this game off a while ago but if the reviews are all like this, i'll pick it up

Ben10543882d ago

Gamer TV gave it a 9/10
it looked great

Storm233883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Well that makes two reviews that are positive. Keep them coming like these two and I will be picking this one up.

No real talk of the online stuff besides the online co-op. Oh well, I would be getting this game for the story mode anyway.

The Closing3883d ago

incentive to buy this game after all the delays, and the amazing line up it's now up against. Looking good so far.

Brixxer6003883d ago

Looks like the delay was well worth it, i've got this on preorder and can't wait to get it. Wonder if it'll cure my new found Warhawk addiction ?

Storm233883d ago

God Warhawk is amazing.

Bathyj3883d ago

WHAT? Its good?

I have to look into this.

Brixxer6003883d ago

I only downloaded it last week and i can't stop playing. lol
Suddenly i don't miss XBL anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.