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For those of you wondering about some update information about Resistance: Fall of Man. He gives an update and answers some questions.

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D3acon5901d ago

This is how you update your fans of your doin's. The makers of Socom should take note. Great blog this should get a 10.

DJ5901d ago

Does Sony have a financial stake in Insomniac?

Ted: "Nope. Sony has no ownership or financial stake in us."

Why are you guys called "first party" when you're not owned by Sony?

Ted: "We work directly with the first party divisions at SCEA, SCEE and SCEI. These divisions are responsible for Sony-published titles whether or not the developer is a part of Sony. Therefore even though I guess we're technically "second party" (or perhaps even "third party" since agreed-upon definitions don't seem to exist) we've always used the term "first party." I realize that it gets pretty confusing. Also, if we had to, we could always move to another platform or another publisher. That's one of the benefits of being independent. But it doesn't make a whole lot of business sense for us to do that."

Antan5901d ago

Even this guy ducked the rsx specs question. Well there is certainly something going on!!!! but time will tell i guess.

andy capps5900d ago

Of course he did, if Sony hasn't spilled the beans yet, do you think a developer would have leaked that? No way, they'd be slapped on the wrists really hard if they did that, if it hasn't been released yet it's because either Sony will never release the official specs or they are doing it in their own time. As with all things Sony, I think they're doing it in their own time.

I asked him the one about if the game would be in any of the "demo pods" in Wal-mart or Best buy, good answers to that and the other questions. Great read. I'm just looking forward to seeing some direct feed HD videos of this game on though.

Antan5900d ago

i didn`t mean it to sound that way, i mean his manner in ducking the you say, as if his life depended on it !!!

Retard5901d ago

"...The folks playing multiplayer were participating in 40 player Breach matches against Sony’s testers in Foster City, California. It was a great demonstration of the PS3’s online capabilities and Resistance’s muscle since we were running true international games that didn’t drop frame or experience lag. Kudos to Sony’s testers for playing through the wee hours of the morning for three days straight since Japan is 16 hours ahead of the US West Coast..."

Anyone else think that looks great for Sony?

shysun5901d ago

Great Read!10 of 10 I say.