"First playable" milestone of Fable 2 sent to MGS

Sam Vantilburgh, a developer at Lionhead Studios, the company behind Fable 2, recently updated his blog with an interesting status update of Fable 2. Apparently the Lionhead team sent its first "milestone" into Microsoft Game Studios.

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ElementX5901d ago

OMG Fable 1 was an awesome game. Yes, it was a bit easy and the combat was too simple, however, I do believe that Fable 2 will be awesome. It's not just about difficulty level of a game, it's about the entire experience. I think Fable 1 had a lot going for it and it was good, although short.

no_more_heroes5901d ago

I kept going back and forth about whether or not I should buy it. I didn't, but if its any good I still will. Would you recommend a purchase?

frostbite065901d ago

definately pick it up. Its not that long, but it will hook you until you finish. Plus you can easily get the game for $10 now.

Capt CHAOS5901d ago

Yes, it was pretty good. My son has gone back to playing it on the 360 (he's 13).
I played the original to completion, which I've not done for many games..