Rumor: Limited Edition MGS4 Playstation 3 Model in the Works


"Based on a few news stories that came rolling in today, it looks like we may be seeing a Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid 4 Playstation 3 pretty soon. Say that ten times fast."

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Le-mo4008d ago

Megaton? I wouldn't be surprise if PS3 owners bought a second PS3 because of this.

Jdash244008d ago

yeah man, im seriously considering getting this bundle right now, even though I already have a 60gb one. A limited edition mgs model sounds too damn tempting

pharmd4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

if i get a new tv for the bedroom, i am def gettin this for it! I am skeptical tho since i love my launch day 60gig and dont know what to expect from the new ones but THIS IS SWEETNESS....bring the pain!

@decapitator.... good point: i so hope to see this game advertised AT LEAST once a day... there can't be enough commercials and this game will not disappoint!

decapitator4008d ago

Hmmm, Sony seems to be really pushing MGS4. I expect the marketing to be EXTRAVAGANT. Cant wait.

Guwapo774008d ago

I don't believe this will cause current PS3 owners to run out and buy another PS3 just because of a redesign. This is something for those MGS diehards that were holding out purchasing a PS3 because of this game.

PS3 owners that own this system already support a vast array of Sony IPs not just this one. Hard to imagine playing FF13 on a MGS box.

I think my above statement is why the Halo box for the 360 isn't an overwhelming success (it has sold a lot just not as many as they wished for).

gambare4008d ago

of buying a second ps3 >_< I... must... contain...

tweaker4008d ago

You can count me on that. I already put money aside for this baby.

tweaker4008d ago

Wow I got a disagree on that comment. ^^^

Seems like an xbox fan don't want me to purchase an MGS4 PS3. lol

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EZCheez4008d ago

If this is true, I would love to see what it would look like.......................... ............................... ........IN MY LIVINGROOM.

MikeGdaGod4008d ago

i don't need a MGS4 PS3, i DO need a differnet color though

i don't need a limited edition or any type of bundle. just give me the opportunity to get a silver or dark blue PS3 and i'll run out and get my second system day one.

EZCheez4008d ago

I'm a Duke fan so I would buy a PS3 in that color immediately.

MaximusPrime4008d ago

i have a feeling that this going to be a system seller everywhere

kwicksandz4008d ago

only if they decide to throw some scraps to their red headed stepchild the PAL region.

give me an excuse to buy a PS3 sony!

Dualshock 3

release it now

PSWe604008d ago

If this bundle isn't tempting enough for the PS2 gamers to come on over to the PS3 then nothing will.

HarryEtTubMan4008d ago

mgs4 is gonna be SOOO good. Metal Gear Online will be amazing also

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The story is too old to be commented.