Ubisoft blasted on Miiverse for Rayman Legends news; devs not happy either?

"To say the least, Wii U owners aren't pleased with the news that Rayman Legends is going multiplatform. Due to the new SKUs, the game won't be available until September. The delay was announced just weeks before Legends was supposed to launch on Wii U."

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Gr813648d ago

Nintendo gamers should be better than that. As long as the game is still coming to Wii U, where's the beef?

Root3648d ago

You know what makes me laugh I bet most of them were people who we're telling PS3 fans to calm down when, lets say, FF13 went multiplatform.

chadboban3648d ago

Well fanboys will always be somewhat insane, no matter which side they come from. lol.

However from most normal people I've talked to, they have no problem with the game no longer being exclusive, they do have a major problem with the delay though, I mean the game was pretty much completed and the release day was just 2 weeks away, there is no real reason they couldn't have released the Wii U version on time then release the the other versions later on. Not to mention the game is now being released the same month as GTA V, so things won't be easy for Legends when it releases that time instead of February where things are a little less hectic in terms of games releases.

Minato-Namikaze3648d ago

FF13 may or may not have been gimped because of it going MP though

WiiUsauce3648d ago

it's not about it being a multiplat. I could care less if the game came out on PS360. The reason why the majority of people complaining are mad is because the game is ALREADY FINISHED on Wii U.

It was supposed to come out in two weeks and now it's being delayed by 6 months just so that they can take out features of the game to be released on the other consoles and have them all release at once? that's bullshit.

MegaLagann3648d ago

Most people don't care about it going multiplat, only the biggest of Nintendo fanboys care. I mean yeah it would be nice to have more third party exclusives, but at the same time more people get to play the game so there's nothing wrong with that.

The big problem is the game was finished, but still gets delayed so they can release all three versions at the same time. It wouldn't of killed them to release the game on the 26th like they said they would, then release the PS3/360 versions months later. It's shitty for people who were excited for this game, myself included, because now they have to wait an extra seven months for no good reason, especially since right now Wii U owners desperately need new games and it would of released at the perfect time.

Temporary3648d ago

Im sure no one cares that it's going Multiplatform.

The Rayman fans that got the Wii-U for this game now have to wait another 6 months just because they decided to bring it to the other 2 systems as well. It's not fair, to go from waiting over a week to over 6 months is ridiculous.

Aggesan3648d ago

If I had a Wii U I would be rather annoyed at the delay caused by it going multi platform.

ElectricKaibutsu3648d ago

Like everyone already said, I just want to play the damn game. I'm angry about the unnecessary delay, not that it's no longer exclusive.

room4143648d ago

Microsoft's Content Submission and Release Policy, seen by Eurogamer, details its third-party publisher guidelines.

"Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available," it reads.
"If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360."

Speaking to Eurogamer in a new interview, European Xbox boss Chris Lewis confirmed and defended the policy.
"Whilst I can't be specific about the terms and conditions, you can be very confident we seek to maximise our own advantage to ensure the playing field is even, and certainly plays to our advantage wherever possible.

DOMination-3648d ago


That policy is, as far as i am aware for xbox live arcade titles. Sony has something similar in place.

I don't think it has anything to do with retail titles. I mean i can think of multiple titles that had superior features on ps3. most notably big titles from EA.

Cupid_Viper_33648d ago

"Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available," it reads.
"If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360."

I'm sorry but does anyone else see this as a thing only a little bitch would do? I don't get how a multi billion dollar company can release an inferior product on the market, but yet demands parity. But at the same time, that same company locks the multiplayer portion of games you pay for, until you pay a yearly fee. And to top it off, they're paying developers for timed exclusives, and exclusive demos....

I'm Sorry, but I will never knowingly support such a company.

room4143648d ago


No it's disc too. It's right there in my comment which is taken directly from the article.
Of course microsoft will make exceptions especially for big games it needs on it's platform. Rayman Legends doesn't have that kind of leverage though.

nukeitall3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )


and the way to subvert that is to call it "Ultimate Ray Man Legends"! Point being, MS doesn't want developers to see them as second tier release platform which is fair enough.

If you call the game something else not identical, then in consumers eye it is a very different perception similar to how Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma has the added "sigma" and some additional features (and some missing ones sadly).

In most situations that is a reasonable strategy and the publisher can still take a chance. MS reserves the right to prevent the sale, not saying THEY WILL. Two very different things.

BlackWolf3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

That Rayman Legends went multiplat:
I don't care. In fact, I'm happy for PS360 owners.

That the game's been delayed:
That's an absurd decision, given the game is almost done.

This has happened a lot in the past for Nintendo consoles. The problem here is the delay, more than anything.

Ju3647d ago

That's the harsh reality of business I suppose. Looks like Ubi had to pull the plug, and I suppose because of low WiiU sales projections. They might think they'd have to release on the other platforms as well to maximize the ROI, and be it strategically or because of submission guidelines, they where forced to release later.Brutal, but that's the way that goes.

badz1493647d ago

And they might have made the decision which suit their strategy or something but the backlash? Yeah...they rightly deserve it! The decision might bite them back in the ass though as many pissed off gamers are likely to boycott the game now that it's delayed

3647d ago
aCasualGamer3647d ago

I agree with the dev. I mean, even though gamers deserve to be angry they shouldn't be angry at the devs. This is a "men in tie" decision, so to speak. Hope the devs get some vacation time atleast.

MrAnderson3647d ago

Newsflash, nobody likes final fantasy thirteen.

Mounce3647d ago

Also the funny point where, it's the Nintendo fanboys and fanbases' fault that developers feel that they NEED to be more than simply exclusive to Nintendo. The things that sell the most on Nintendo hardware, is NINTENDO SOFTWARE! That is the prime rule unless your game is already really popular and globally accepted in some manner, like say. Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty or Dead Space perhaps.

Developers who can't get more than 1 or 2 million in sales(Quantity, not money wise), shouldn't aim to go on Nintendo consoles, but stick with being multiplatform, same goes for PS3 and the Resistance franchise which goes to prove my point further, the series wasn't globally huge, it didn't sell well, and it was an exclusive to Sony, now Insomniac are making multiplatform games.

Better to find the best means of profit so studios don't go down under like THQ than to go bankrupt. Let the Rayman team go multiplatform, I say the Nintendo fans/fanboys are inconsiderate and selfish for not looking beyond their emotional outbursts that this is the best choice due to the sales being lackluster.

Slapshot823647d ago

Rayman Legends was less than 3 weeks from release on the Wii U - meaning that the game is packaged and was in the process of starting shipping. Ubisoft also just gave Wii U owners an exclusive demo to get them hyped up for the game's launch just a few weeks' ago. The reason they are mad is because the game should still release on time on the Wii U, instead of being pushed back for the next 7 months, when the game is already ready to ship.

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chadboban3648d ago

They should be more mature about it. I don't think there is any need to boycott the game, just reading what that dev posted you can see how much work they put in to the game. They shouldn't punish these hard working devs because it's pretty clear that this was not their decision, and plus they still get to play the game anyway.

At the same time though, having a game that you were looking forward to that was clearly pretty much completed get delayed really sucks for the folks that have their Wii U and were looking forward to playing this game in just about two weeks from now. IMO they should have released the Wii U version as originally planned then release the 360 and PS3 ports later down the road, I think they could've satisfied everyone if they did that.

WiiUsauce3648d ago

exactly. I was so hyped to play this game after playing the demo over and over and owning the game on my 360 and having a blast playing it with my family. It's funny that they announced such crappy news on my birthday though :(

MegaLagann3648d ago

That's just childish. I understand people are upset, I am too, but the fact still remains i'm looking forward to this game. The developers shouldn't be punished for a decision out of their control. The only thing boycotting will do is no more Rayman games, and in an age of brown and bloom first person shooters and yearly sports games we need more games like Rayman Legends.

ElectricKaibutsu3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I agree, it is childish to boycott the game, but if I bought it I would just feel like Ubisoft's b*tch.

I wish I could support the developers and not support the publisher.

<< Conflicted

(Edit: To clarify, I don't care about it being multiplat, I'm talking about the delay.)

gamingzen3648d ago

Its not being childish by boycottin the game its the only way these suit learn if you hurt there sales why should we stand for this shit also 6 months down the line this game will be irrelivent as a hell of alot of better games will be available not to mention the imminent release of ps4/nexbox also rayman flopped bigtime on xbox and ps3 so i dont understand their business plan

DOMination-3648d ago

Who cares nobody will buy it anyway especially during that time of year. just like the first game. And that's coming from someone who thought that was one of the best games of 2011.

Old McGroin3648d ago

"They should be more mature about it. I don't think there is any need to boycott the game"

It's not about being mature, waiting another 6 odd months and then handing over my cash isn't gonna make anyone feel like the big man. Neither is boycotting the game childish. The fact of the matter is that by the time September rolls around there will be a much larger selection of games on the market, including GTA 5 for multiplat owners, whereas if they released for the Wii U in February they will be releasing to a 2 million strong captive audience of Wii U owners who are starved of quality and begging for a good game. That's a hell of a lot of sales down the tubes for no good reason (that we know of yet!).

Rayman is relevant now, it won't be by September.

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Yodagamer3648d ago

I'm kinda upset, not that it's coming to ps3/xbox, it's that they said 3 weeks before the release that it was delayed, just to make it a simultaneous launch.

garos823648d ago

i agree with those who are upset over this. i mean the game is ready for wii u just release the damn thing.

having said that however, it does make sense financially for multi console release because ubisoft can concentrate on one big mega scoop marketing campaign as opposed to two.

jmc88883647d ago

It's also the 2nd delay. It was supposed to be a launch game. Then changed to launch window. Now it's at the end of the year.

I agree with other people that it's going to hurt sales. Now it's going to compete with all the games coming out then, and lose. Even if it's a good game, it's a time period a person who wants games can easily spend close to a thousand in games. Seriously. This adds another 60 dollars to that total. Anyone think this game is going to be on top of everyone's list or be bumped off because they can only buy and this drops from 1 or 2 in the spring to 10 in the fall.

Absolutely idiotic move made by morons at Ubisoft. I'm sure they have 'guess' models depicting what they will gain and lose in a cost benefit analysis type situation. Another idiotic way to make decisions.

@garos82 if you make decisions based on marketing then you have no business being in business.

Basically it means companies are willing to screw over their customers so they can lay out a better propaganda campaign that 'synergizes' with each other.

It is not a legitimate reason. Business doesn't 'work that way', it is wrongly ran that way. More and more often, and people are noticing and rebelling.

Ever notice why people are pissed off at the world? It's because idiotic decisions like this are wrongly made. From video games to derivatives to everything else our world keeps making idiotic decisions about. All because some fake metric tells us it's the right way. Our behavior is supposed to be aligned to what's right, not what some analysis tells us (and is guessing).

Even though every bit of common sense tells us it's the wrong decision, it happens.

Then of course you have carry on effects. You know what they say, a bad experience can lose a customer, so it's always best to do right by your customer. Because this situation might cost them 20 game sales over the next decade. Some will then say it's overreacting. Not really, and it might not be a bad experience with Ubisoft just regarding this. People generally have a threshold, but for many this might be going over, and it could be influenced by something not Ubisoft related. That's why the more and more these idiotic corporations make the obviously wrong decisions they intersect with each other and influence them all.

If you're getting the shaft from Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Activision, etc....well in the end people start seeing them all as one and taking it out on all of them.

What a moron move by Ubisoft. Real Forrest Gump stuff.

MikeMyers3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

There is no beef unless the Wii U version suffers from attention now being allocated to other hardware. This could be in relation to patches, updates and DLC.

3rd party exclusives have become a rarity now. There's too much potential for increased sales to port it. It kind of made sense back in the PS2 days where that system totally dominated. Now unless they want to partner with the publisher or pay a royalty to keep it exclusive it just doesn't make as much sense from a business perspective.

Unique gameplay features like the Gamepad can probably be removed without sacrificing the game too much.

Kevlar0093648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

The problem was that it was supposed to be the WiiU's game, it's special gem to be released in the Launch WIndow. Nintendo fans want games now, we don't want to wait for the end of 2013 before we get the influx of games. This decision crowds the last few months instead of having a gradual flow of games.
Stuff like this is why doom articles exist, people want games but no one is providing. I don't care about it going Multiplat, more people need to enjoy this game. But pushing back the release date for the WiiU (which is already finished) makes no sense.

Instead of competing against nothing it's going to compete against the likes of GTA, Zelda HD, maybe even "X". How is this a wise decision? Just makes no sense. And they haven't even given a legitimate reason, just a lame press statement

Jobesy3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

"How is this a wise decision? Just makes no sense. And they haven't even given a legitimate reason, just a lame press statement"

Developers don't make games for free. I think Ubisoft was genuinely concerned about losing money on this game. Its a AAA title and needs big sales. Wiiu multiplats aren't selling good right now and I'm sure this decision wasn't taken lightly. It's not like Ubisoft doesn't like Nintendo, Ubisoft supports all platforms and doesn't play favorites.

EDIT: If you don't care about it going multiplat, than this shouldn't bother you. First, you don't know if it was complete or not. Second, as gamers, I thought we're all in agreement that timed exclusivity SUCKS! So now, we all get to play this fantastic looking game at the same time, right? We all win, chill.

Kevlar0093648d ago

If you read my post all the way I could care less about it going multiplat, no good game should go unnoticed. But delaying the WiiU release from February to September makes little sense when it is already complete

ChickeyCantor3648d ago


Also think of the potential that if the 360/Ps3 sales outweigh the Wii-U version. Ubi might reconsider putting certain quality games on the Wii-U. You will see more stuff like "Catz" or whatever.

jmc88883647d ago


How do you lose money by releasing it are in fact, receiving money instead of delaying receiving money.

By delaying it, you ACTUALLY are losing money.

The dev costs are sunk costs. By delaying sales you actually are losing that money that otherwise would be coming in.

Actually we do know it's complete. So don't try that scam. Oh you don't know cause you weren't there sophistry.

It was basically done on launch, they've basically been touching it up since then. Then at some point they decided to screw over the Wii U customers and delay the game for about a year total for no REAL reason.

I don't care about exclusivity being removed, it's the FACT that the game is done and they are holding back.

No new console games sell good. NONE. Know why? Because there's not enough units of the console sold. No matter if it's Wii, Wii U, 360, PS3, whatever...the first couple of years there simply isn't enough consoles sold that even if 1/2 the systems buy it (or hell 100 percent), the game would still lose money.

That's why when the 360/PS3 came out, the biggest selling games WEREN'T on the 360/PS3. They were on PS2/Xbox. In fact many devs because you're right it is a business that needs to work, correctly decided not to bring out a more advanced version because it would lose money and the dev might not survive. So games only released on PS2/xbox even though they could have made a PS3/360 version.

Same thing will happen with 720/PS4....some devs will make their games on 360/PS3.

So you might want to realize you are actually advocating Ubisoft receive LESS money, instead of the opposite. They are losing money by NOT releasing it, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that if you release a movie alongside five other blockbusters, you'll get creamed at the box office.

Well now it's going from where it had the spotlight to a time where there's a ton of other games coming out, and being in the greatest depression in the history of mankind, money is sort of limited. Many people have to make choices, and for most people that would like to buy Rayman, it's lower on the totem pole than other types of games.

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PopRocks3593648d ago

My only gripe is that the Wii U version was delayed. I don't mind much that it went multiplatform. The Wii U version is pretty much finished (it was three weeks from being released). Why not just release the Wii U version and then put out the 360/PS3 versions? It makes no sense at all.

hduce3648d ago

I totally agree. I think that its good that it is coming to the xbox360 and ps3 but the fact they delayed the wii u version sucks.

AngelicIceDiamond3648d ago

The problem is Nintendo didn't deliver on what they said at E3. First Ninja Gaiden now Rayman? If you ask me Nintendo probably known this was gonna happen from the beginning. They blatantly lied to the their fans with those all supposed "Exclusives."

If Nintendo says they're exclusive then make it exclusives. It isn't about what happen necessarily, its about the principle behind it.

Yodagamer3648d ago

From what i've heard nintendo was gonna promote the heck outta this game, so even nintendo lost money on this moving dates. if they knew about the game shipping on other platforms they wouldn't have done so.

garos823648d ago

and thats why the big 3 should learn to rely mainly on their 1st party offerings, they should lead by example and then let 3rd parties decide whether its beneficial to them to fully support exclusive titles to their systems.

This is something that Sony does extremely well by having a huge variety of 1st party developers, not only do you ensure a healthy amount of content to your console but you also have variety in type of games you can offer your userbase

ElectricKaibutsu3648d ago

I'm trying to think, did Nintendo call Rayman Legends an exclusive? I thought they only said it was a launch window title. Of course, launch window title was wrong too...

Starfox173648d ago

I agree with the MiiVerse community why an earth would you delay a game thats almost finished for 6 months ? so you can put a game on 2 old platforms makes no sense they should still release it on wiiu in march get all them big sales as it gained alot of popularity then in sept bring it to ps3 and 360 stupid move and to be honest it just looks like some conspiracy because it was a 3rd party game that was going to sell very well CANT BELIEVE THIS DECISION.

LOL_WUT3647d ago

Out of all the people here you should be the last person to comment. Why on earth would you agree with what the Miiverse community has to say about this game? When you yourself said the following and I quote

"This is a little more important than Rayman crappy legends played the demo its crap in my eyes,graphics are some of the best ive seen in a 2d platformer but its not that great."

Just suck it up and wait for the game like the rest of us which I doubt you where even trying to buy it in the first place.

shackdaddy3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Most Nintendo fans aren't raging about the game going multiplat. They're pissed because 2 weeks before release, Ubisoft delayed the game for 6 months with the only reason being "we want to release it with the other consoles". For some fans, the only reason why they bought a wiiu so early was because of this game.

Also, I highly doubt any of the fans from the other consoles would be any more mature than this. I don't have a good example right now, but if a 3rd party exclusive PS3 game was instantly delayed for half a year just so they can port it to other consoles, then N4G would go ballistic.

TripC503648d ago

Being a WiiU owner myself, my beef isn't toward the fact it's going multi platform but the fact it's delayed for the WiiU till Sept. kinda blows.

OmegaSlayer3648d ago

The bad thing is that too many people purchased a WiiU.
It was clear from the announcement that the machine wouldn't have been able to keep third parties interest.

There are 4 millions of WiiU users against 140+ millions of PS3/360 users.
Where do you think the game will sell more?

Developing games is a business.
The more platforms the game is on, the more money the devs is able to earn.
More money, more resources, better games.

Third parties making exclusives damage the game business.
It's also fun that this game was originally on other consoles and just got, rigthtly, back home.

FinalomegaS3648d ago

so basically the 3rd parties should be fined for misleading information as they are running the PR BS.

So many hype their games up especially with the term "EXCLUSIVE to ____ " then the internet fanboy go crazy, sell off their system and games... to find out they did it for nothing because it is coming to their system after all.

At least say "Limited Time Exclusive" or something.... Same with RE on the 3DS and others.

OmegaSlayer3648d ago


I think that after these last 7 years, whoever buys one system for a third party exclusive is a total, big, idiot that has not understood anything.
Publishers will continue to do this PR BS, as you call the, because there's lots of stupid people that eats the bait.

If you buy a console for a first party exclusive I can agree, but if you bought a console for a third party supposed exclusive or just some better textures or framerate...that's stupid.

jmc88883647d ago

ROFL you don't even know how to use numbers correctly. (because otherwise you'd need to add Wii + Wii U users together)

So I hope you understand that you'll need to say the same thing about the next generation of consoles as well.

PS3/360 users as PS4/720 users. Because those consoles will face the same issues.

The game can be on multiple platforms. No one is dogging that. It's that they are holding back a finished game.

Plus you are saying it makes business sense for Ubisoft to sit on the sunk cost of a finished game for Wii U and then throw it into the fall fire. That's LESS money, not MORE money. If the 'business' aspect is so important to you, then you might want to realize that little factoid. Your business sense just advocated taking money later that might not be there as opposed to taking money now and later.

The PS4/720 aren't going to be much more powerful. 0.576, 1.2, 1.8 TFlops is all you get from the three 'next gen' consoles. That's pretty close as the top is about 3x the least.

It's about the same gap as the top next gen console will be from a mid range 2013 PC, as the mid range PC will be capable of about 5 TFlops.

So from where I see, all consoles will have great experiences, but PS4 to Wii U is the same power difference as PC to PS4.

IAmTheBest353647d ago

the game could sell more on wii u, and its obvious why. wii u owners dont have any games to choose from right now at all, and rayman legends is a great game. if marketed properly, i can see rayman selling to half the userbase of wii u owners (if it came out this month). ps360 owners arent interested in games like rayman legends. plus, if ubisoft kept it as an exclusive and tried to utilize nintendo's unique hardware as best as they can, they can establish a name for themselves for the wii u userbase. there are plenty of reasons that they should have released it this month, and on the wii u alone. that would have been the best scenario.

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MsmackyM3648d ago

The issue for me is not Legends going mulitplatform, it's the 7 month delay because of it. From not even being that interested in Rayman, to playing the demo I was instantly sold; the game looked amazing. Now only to hear the publishers want to delay a finished product to appease Microsoft and Sony is too much. I would have been fine with Ubisoft releasing Legends in February and following up with an Playstation, Xbox release on it was finished for those platforms. This has nothing to do with being a fan boy.

linkenski3648d ago

The Wii U is still in an urgent need of having more "sytem-seller" titles. This could have been one of them, but now it's out of its pond and has ended up in the big sea instead.

kneon3648d ago

It depends why they are complaining, if they are complaining because it's going multi-platform then just get over it already, and be prepared for more games to do the same.

But if they are complaining because it's been delayed then they have a point.

HeroReborn3647d ago

The beef is we have to wait and for what to port the game over I'm boycotting UBI products for 2013, flat out it's poor treatment to gamers and a undervalue to there consumer

Horny3647d ago

Having all systems i don't care if it is multiplatform but why delay it for the WiiU. This game was one of the reasons I picked up a Wii u. Well I'm pretty sure microsofts release policy has something to do with it. Either way I doubt ill be interested in this game around fall with everything else coming out.

Brasi19893647d ago

Personally I don't care that the game is going multi-platform. I still believe it will be better on the WiiU as they've said that it was developed for the WiiU. I'm more disappointed that the game has been pushed back a considerable amount of time. It would have been nice for them to release it for WiiU when they planned then release it for the other platforms when they could.

lizard812883647d ago

M$ has a policy to refuse any games that was put out before being released on their console

From a business stand point:
+ instead of 1 $60 game, there will be 3 $60 games
- MUCH more Competition, with Mario, Mario Kart, and a zelda game coming out, and who knows what else for the next box

-Willing to spend the money now, but feel betrayed.
- Plus as I said, Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda are also coming out, which means this game will be on the back burners for a while, for most people.

Stroke6663647d ago

Its not much about it becoming multiplat, the greater portion are upset that the version for our platform is done and we r made to wait until the others get it. thats bullshit, give wii u owner their version now then give to the others when their versions are ready?

ChronoJoe3647d ago

I always figured this game would be multiplatform anyway... I mean it's Ubisoft, a large third party publisher. Exclusivity of game that could easily be on multiple platforms, makes absolutely no sense.

If you bear in mind that Rayman 2 is available on everything from iOS to the Playstation 3, it's clear that Legend's would never have been exclusive indefinitely.

donman13647d ago

This is the most blatant example of a developer being in bed with Microsoft.

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Kamikaze1353648d ago

I'll never understand that part of the gaming community. They want developers to make all these great games, but get upset when developers try to get the funds to do so...which in this case, is making a game multiplatform to sell more copies.

If you feel that the Wii U version is superior, then buy it. Nobody is stopping you. Let other people enjoy it on their favorite system, too.

hduce3648d ago

I am going to buy the Wii U version. But why should Wii U owners have to wait because of the game going multiplatform? The game is fully completed so why not release it especially since it was supposed to be launch title?

ironfist923648d ago

I dont own a Wii U, but I agree. Why not release the WiiU version, then later develop and release it multiplatform, the other user fanbase can wait, I'm sure.

kneon3648d ago

Well there may be more to it that just going multi-platform. Most games today don't have a very long lifespan, they do most of their sales up front and then have a huge drop off after a few weeks.

With the Wii U not selling as many units as expected they probably figured sales wouldn't be too good if they released now. By waiting until later in the year the Wii U will have a bigger install base and they should sell more games.

Kamikaze1353647d ago

I'm going with the Wii U version as well. That demo was amazing and it made really good use of the pad.