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chadboban3649d ago

Well, that's great, more people get to play this fantastic looking game. Please try to keep the fanboy comments to a minimum guys and try to act like grownups. That goes for PS, Nintendo and Xbox fanboys.

Sucks that all versions have been delayed until September though. Releasing it in February may have pushed me to get a Wii U sooner.

miyamoto3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Like I said the Wii U was designed to capitalize on the multi-platform games for the PS3 and 360 given its hardware specs and its capabilities.

Which is good because it means more longevity, and more multi-platform games are sure to come this year and the next for PS3 & 360.

Resident Evil: Revelations
Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge
Rayman Legends
what else?

Anyways Nintendo really needs to launch their premier exclusive games fast enough to waste 2013.

guitarded773649d ago

I don't care that a game goes multi-platform, but what bugs the hell out of me is when they say it's "EXCLUSIVE", but it's timed exclusive. I feel like they're a bunch of damned liars when that happens... and I can't stand a liar.

HeavenlySnipes3649d ago

That's a terrible business plan. Why buy a Wii U just to get a slightly better version of a game you could get for one of the consoles you probably already own. The investment doesn't seem justified at this point.Hopefully they drop a shit load of stuff post E3

Army_of_Darkness3649d ago

non of these "timed exclusive" games interest me.

Bronxs153648d ago

It's not even times exclusive anymore. Ask versions release in September

darthv723648d ago

to other platforms but those other platforms wont have the tablet interface like the wii-u version will use.

Its great when more can enjoy a good game but the changes made to accommodate can be something to take into consideration when picking the version to get. At least for those who have multiple systems to buy it on.

If you only have one and its coming out and you want to get it...its all good.

ShinMaster3648d ago

I always thought it was multiplatform since the game's existence was leaked.

AngelicIceDiamond3648d ago

At the end of the day Third party publishers are gonna look at the huge install bases of PS360. This is the second time in a row. Nintendo will have an extremely hard time convincing third party publishers to keep their games exclusive.

Hate to say it but, another exclusive bites the dust on Nintendo.

BitbyDeath3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Another September title eh, it may just end up as a launch title after all.

SilentNegotiator3648d ago

"Like I said the Wii U was designed to capitalize on the multi-platform games for the PS3 and 360 given its hardware specs and its capabilities"

Yes, looking at the ps3 with its specialized hardware and six-axis, it's clear that developers want to spend special attention on one of the multiplat versions to take advantage. /s

Ritsujun3648d ago

More and more TIMED exclusives on Nintendo and Microsoft consoles/handheldconsoles.
Totally Expected

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BlackWolf3649d ago

Agreed. Everyone deserves a little piece of the cake. Sucks that it's been delayed, tough.

Unfortunately, the fanboys are sure to come to this kind of posts like a swarm of bees.
Nintendo fanboys will be "noooo, it was an exclusive"
Sony and Xbox fanboys will be "yes, told you so"

Oh well...

chadboban3649d ago

*looks at the lower comments*

Yep looks like it's happening already.

I'm just glad more people get to play this game.

However others are glad not because they get to play a great game, but because Nintendo lost an exclusive and it makes them more happy than anything. They're glad for the wrong reasons.

And of course the others would be upset because they no longer have an exclusive despite the fact that they still get to play the game anyway.

Gamers these days (especially on this site) just make me shake my head at their immature behavior due to brand loyalty.

LOL_WUT3649d ago

I think Ubisoft should've held of this announcement until after they sold the Wii U version just my opinion. Anyhow this is great news to Rayman fans.

lilbroRx3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

No, Nintendo fans don't react in that manner. The general consensus that I've seen from all of them regarding this news is that they don't give a flying duck about it going to the PS3 or 360 at all.

The only thing that aggravates them is that the release date got pushed back from a few weeks to 7 months.

Good_Guy_Jamal3649d ago

Oh yeah!! I love Rayman Origins, its in my top 10 games of the generation.
I'm stoked it's coming to a console I already own. Thanx for sharing Ubisoft.

DonFreezer3648d ago

If any of your so precious ps3 exclusives was coming to the Wii U would you say the same?

Silly gameAr3648d ago

hahaha, oh no, no Don. You have Jamal confused. I don't think he's a big gamer on the PS3 going by a number of his comments. You probably should have checked them out before making the assumption that he even owns a PS3.

Root3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I think Nintendo will need to make clear and make an argument to why people should buy this game on their console then get it for the PS3/360

However if this was a game people were going to get a Wii U for then they've now lost potential sales

Ness6193649d ago

Exactly what is happening with me. When I played the demo on the Wii U I was SOLD. Was picking it up day 1. Now with this news.....not so sure Nintendo will get the sale from me. Might pick it up for the PS3 now. I'd be pissed if I were Nintendo. If the gamepad features are cool enough to warrant a Wii U purchase then that will persuade me.

darthv723648d ago

is the tablet controller and how it will be used with the game. You dont have that on 360 or ps3.

does that mean the 360 or ps3 version will be any less fun??? not likely but it wont be the same.

That is usually what separates one from the other

Ult iMate3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Cross-controller and surface features are looking at you. Not to mention Move or Kinect, with wich you can drag and move objects directly on the TV screen without a need for a tablet's screen.

OmegaSlayer3649d ago

Bayonetta 2 is next.
Everything is going by my road map.

Root3649d ago


I can't buy all three next gen consoles but I wouldn't want to get a Wii U JUST for Bayonetta. They could of gotten a publisher to publisher B2 for other consoles aswell, Konami has been working with them and they've said they've enjoyed working with PG so I don't see why they didn't ask them to publish B2 for all consoles.

I think B2 will come to the PS4/720 in some shape or form.

vallencer3648d ago

It won't be done for a long time though if at all. The difference between rayman and bayonetta 2 are the publishers. Ubisoft is publishing rayman so they can kinda do what they want. Nintendo is publishing bayonetta two so PG is under whatever Nintendo says. Though their contract with Nintendo could be for a couple years i don't know. I don't care if bayonetta 2 comes to other consoles i honestly hate console exclusitivity. Except for brands done by Microsoft Sony or Nintendo. A la Halo, Mario, God of war.

wampdog293648d ago

Nintendo is publishing Bayonetta 2. It can only go multiplatform if the contract is written up in such a way that the rights dissappear after a certain time frame. You could see it released next gen on all consoles digitally possibly, but I doubt it. I'm pretty sure Nintendo has this one completely tied down. Rayman Legends was simply Ubisoft deciding to release it exclusively on Wii U, and then changing their minds.

baldulf3648d ago

Nintendo has publishing rights over Bayonetta 2.

But maybe there are shortcuts around that, like Tecmo did with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

Ritsujun3648d ago

Mass Effect 1 WAS published by Microsoft. You all know what happened next.

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lociefer3649d ago

I just hope for a good online coop, origin was begging for it

kesvalk3649d ago

good thing it's getting released on other consoles, tough i still want it on the PC.

the only thing i don't understand is why saying it's exclusive if it isn't?

it's almost like they act and plan this things on instinct.

torchic3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I kept on saying that Rayman Legends will never stay exclusive only to get disagreed into infinity.


feels so so good.

BullyMangler3648d ago

yep, and why get it for a ps3 or 360 when i can play this on the wiiU Game-Pad. (:

FriedGoat3648d ago

The real question is, why get a Wii U when I can play this on a 360/PS3 pad.

Venoxn4g3648d ago

well, it sucks that it was delayed, it was nearly finished.. at least they could release on Wii U and to other platforms later.. well, just canceled my preorder.. :/ too bad..

donman13648d ago

The negativity with Nintendo's Wii U and games availability are going from bad to worse. The fact that the Wii U version is practically done and it will sit on the shelf till Sept is ridiculous. Nintendo needs to loosen that purse string and get this game released sooner... we all know that money talks... go ask Microsoft.

DonFreezer3648d ago

Go ask Sony and all delusional ps3 fanboys? I'm not trying to be mean but there's time you should realise that all those jrpgs on the ps3 were made by Sony's money.Sony spends a lot more on games in contrast to Microsoft.Stop it right now with the whole Microsoft buys games and Sony just earns them for free out of good will.

Gamer19823648d ago

Great for gamers bad for WiiU as this is WiiUs best game for the first half of 2013 easily. I played the demo on a WiiU and it blew me away for a 2D platformer it was amazing and it almost made me walk over to the counter and buy a WiiU but obviously releasing on a new console marred with under sales has forced Ubisofts hand on this game. But like I said great for gamers as now I can pick this up on my PS3 so no need to pick that WiiU up until it finally drops in price and hopefully just in time for Smash Bros or Mario Kart as thats all non Nintendo hardcores are waiting for really..

3648d ago
showtimefolks3648d ago

this was to be expected and maybe they shouldn't have delayed the wii-u version if it was ready. but maybe it has something to do with their fiscal year report and it makes sense to release it once and get ads budget for one campaign for all 3 consoles instead of doing once for wii-u version than doing it again for other systems

also that way they wouldn't be able to charge full price for ps3 and xbox360 version if they both came 6 months after the original release

now i am only guessing on UBI knows

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aceitman3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Well ,well, now I don't have that game to get for my wiiu wich I was looking forward too since there's not anything but Lego city coming and I'm not getting that what's next pikmin3 getting pushed back too. I think I might be selling my wiiu. Nintendo I don't know how u screwed this up,big launch with games that where out on other systems already ,and a dry spell on games to come or not to come. And Nintendo fanboys back off. It's true I will have my wiiu collecting dust. So y keep it ,there is a hand full of games coming in the next 7 months and Nintendo direct gave us nothing but teaser trailers and the full trailers with tba no dates at all .they tried beating the next gen systems ,instead beat us with delays and a hand full of upcoming games. I am expressing my feelings and I'm upset with the money I spent on it,

Lucreto3649d ago

Very good. Was hopeing for a Vita release but this very good.

Hmm September possible PS4 release as well?

deafdani3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

"Fans will be able to grab Legends for either platform in September. Unfortunately, the Wii U version has now been delayed from February 26 to September as well."

Uh, oh. Shitstorm coming in 3... 2... 1...

I would love to see KingofWiiU's reaction to this. He must be frothing at the mouth, lol, especially considering how many times he stated this game wasn't possible on PS3 and Xbox 360. XD

miyamoto3649d ago

I wonder what happened to LX General Chaos who had like 6 different accounts here on N4G...

Root3649d ago

Did you not hear he was shot down when he tried to break into Nintendos HQ and kidnap Iwata so he could groom him.

ElectricKaibutsu3648d ago

Honestly I'm completely shocked, not about it going multiplat, but the SEVEN month delay. I thought the game was almost finished??

deafdani3648d ago

Yeah, I can't help but feel like this is a big middle finger to Wii U users who were looking forward to playing this game in less than a month... :/

Gamer19823648d ago

It is but the problem is they release now on WiiU and later on other consoles nobody will buy a 7 month old game unless its AAA we seen it in the past. Its a sad fact.. And with a great game like this they should hold it back which is a shame really for WiiU gamers but at least all gamers get to play now :). Thats right GAMERS.

ElectricKaibutsu3648d ago

@deafdani, Gamer 1982,

I agree with both of you. I blame Nintendo for this. If they're going to claim "launch window" they better make sure of that first. Also since many people assumed it was a Wii U launch title, it'll feel like an 11 month delay to them. wtf

I love games going multiplat. More people being able to buy a game on their only system or their system of choice is a good thing.