Battlefield: Bad Company Preview, Videos and Screens from IGN

From the preview:

"Our time with Battlefield: Bad Company was short and sweet but it's good to see that things are moving, if not a bit slower than I would like, in the right direction. Every time I see BF:BC it looks just a little better in every area, less the sound. I'm not exactly sure how that part of the game could be any better than it is. When Bad Company drops later this year be sure to crank the 5.1 system and strap yourself in for one of the best sounding battles on any system."

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Vip3r3937d ago

Looks good except from all the screentearing.


sonarus3937d ago

actually i dnt think it looks that good at all. But it is a multiplatform game i did expect a bit more. But i love the desrtuctible environments

sak5003937d ago

Nice hope the multiplayer is as much fun as its PC cousins. This might be the game to give COD4 run for its money. Day one purchase for me. And yeah hope they fix the vsync issue.

ThaGeNeCySt3937d ago

I don't know if it's IGN but... looks like EA didn't turn the VSync on for these vid captures lol oh well, the preview and vids look great aside from the screen tearing. I was never a fan of the Battlefield series, but this game looks VERY promising.

Ethridge3937d ago

Can't wait for this game, it looks awesome. Battlefield > COD