Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Xbox 360 Footage

Video footage from the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 6 for Xbox 360.

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zypher5902d ago

glad i'm not a hardcore soccer fan (or a soccer fan of any level), as that wasn't too impressive.

5902d ago
RuffRyder5902d ago

Have you tried the fifa 07 demo? if so what do you think?

5902d ago
RuffRyder5902d ago (Edited 5902d ago )

My thoughts are:-

I was very impressed with the presentation the graphics were very nice overall as always. But as you say its still not perfect.
I wasnt impressed with the player models some where very good but others where horrible for example check out Puyol for barcalona.
I thought the gameplay was a big improvement over other fifa's but the responce of the players is still a bit slow and you still get the situation where the players dont do want you want them to do, if im honest its still not as fluid and smooth as pro evo.
Overall i was a bit dissapointed, the first five minutes was like wow this looks awsome but after 3 hours it just felt like the same old fifa, but EA has made a big step in the right direction tho.
I dont think this version of fifa is good enough to knock pro evo off the top spot but its certainly closing the gap between it and pro evo in a few areas.

coxyefc5902d ago

I agree, the graphics are not exactly next gen but the animation of the players is very good. FIFA 07 Demo didnt impress me at all to be honest.