PlayStation Store Preview – February 5th, 2013

This week’s biggest release is Dead Space 3. But if you’re a scaredy pants, try the light-hearted, family-friendly Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, releasing on both the PS3 and PlayStation Vita (with Cross-buy, Cross-play, and Cross-saves, too!). Our review is coming very soon, so stay tuned if you’re on the fence. For PSN games, there’s… even more Sly Cooper, as Bentley’s Hackpack drops this week. Of course, you can always look to PlayStation Plus if all else fails.

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Sev4131d ago

Yeah, seems to be a common theme this week.

4131d ago
zeeshan4131d ago Show
dbjj120884131d ago

I have yet to buy a cross-buy item, but I'm certainly enticed by the program.

TrendyGamers4131d ago

I'll be getting Guardians of Middle Earth tomorrow.

Wedge194131d ago

It's a stellar update this week!

Donnieboi4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

For Europe yes, for N.A., nope. Not even close.

NovusTerminus4131d ago

I'm still wanting the Soul Sacrifice demo!

dbjj120884131d ago

I think we're going to have to keep waiting.

1nsomniac4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I wonder if EU will get Ninja Gaiden & Retro City Rampage with PS+?

Would love to play NG again on my Vita!

Hanso4131d ago

eu gets in 2 days Wipeout Vita :)

1nsomniac4131d ago

Awesome!! that'll do just fine :)

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Why Dead Space 3 Will Be the Hardest to Remake

If EA and Motive Studio plan on remaking all the main Dead Space entries, they have to change a lot of what made Dead Space 3 so divisive.

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DefenderOfDoom2448d ago

Simple, do not bother with a Dead Space 3 remake. Rather have a new entry for Dead Space.

myfathersbastard448d ago

Yeah I agree. Make a dead space 3, but have an original story/setting. They’ve proven they can do the game justice, and I think they could evolve 2 in a good direction, keeping a similar tone. I’d love s Dead Space 2 and 3 though. The remake was fantastic. Top tier remake, up there with RE2.

jznrpg447d ago

Remaking 3 would need to be a reworked and somewhat changed remake as 3 was flawed in most peoples eyes and the worst entry.

Ninver447d ago

It's the worst in the series.


Dead Space 3, A Ten Year Reunion

WTMG's Kyle Nicol:

"Was Dead Space 3 really that bad?

Well, it’s a complicated question. Dead Space 3 is undeniably the weakest of the trilogy. It’s a game that deviates so far from the original formula, that it throws a lot of what made Dead Space special in the first place out of the window. Although, where it does make up for it is one of the best cooperative shooters on the market, even after all this time. Do I recommend playing this game ten years later? Hell yes. But make sure your expectations are in the right place. It has a lot of problems that bring it down."

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Ranking the Dead Space Games

With the upcoming Dead Space Remake, we replay and rank the original three games.

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SimpleSlave531d ago

Dead Space
Dead Space 2
The Callisto Protocol
...Lost Planet 3?