Fable 2 Preview

Peter Molyneux, a game designer that entered the Hall of Fame of Gaming when he gave birth to the god games with the creation of Populous. Almost twenty years later, he finds himself working for Microsoft Game Studios, after the software giant decided to acquire Guildford-based Lionhead Studios and its satellites.

At the recent X06, TeamXbox had the chance to learn more about Fable 2: the sequel to 2004's ground-breaking role-playing adventure game for the Xbox.

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tom15955903d ago

yay, that looked like heaps of fun. guns. thats interesting. not bow and arrow. hmm... i really cannot wait for this game!

willud4skins5903d ago

can we please have an open world instead of small connecting maps with lots of loading times??

Jak4ever5903d ago

Fable 2 is going to be sooo innovative. Its no wonder that Peter Molyneux is in the game designers Hall Of Fame his ideas are so ground-breaking that anything is truly possible. I would not be suprised to see this big suprise turn out to be where your child grows up and (once he comes of age) you will be able to control him and even take him on future quest, in this game or maybe even fable 3!!

Long Live Peter Molyneux!!

achira5901d ago

is this sarcastic ? i played the first part, and its far to linear for an rpg and to plain. there are not many things wich are inovative. oblivion is 1000 times better as this boring game.

power of Green 5901d ago (Edited 5901d ago )

Really? it's one of the only Role Playing Games i can stand. I like the first one. I see it the other way around i see Oblivion as an tast or burdon to beat rather than fun. Are you from Europe?.

unleash bass5902d ago

I think they're doing something similar to SIMS2 where eventually your character will grow old and die at which point you will be able to continue the adventure using one of your children. I think this will also apply to the NPC's as it seems logical to me that if the world around you is going to evolve then the characters within them must. This also makes sence with regards to the multi-generations, like the example of an acorn to an oak tree, in order to see this you would need a couple of generations of your character, as we all know oak trees don't grow over night it takes many years to grow to maturaty. FINGERs CROSSED this one lives upto the vision this time, although I'll be buying it anyway I loved the first one!

CAPS LOCK5901d ago

except for the part when they included the guns, i think they should not include it. also when is this game out? is it online? is it an rpg like oblivion or WOW or final fantasy?

Marriot VP5901d ago

I know real men use magical wands and spell casting.

Just kidding, I know what you mean

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