Greatest Wrestling Games Ever – Champions of the Genre

Pro Wrestling has had a very interesting relationship with video games for many years. Throughout the genre, one can find all kinds of flavors and unique concepts that have are littered throughout the various console generations. While most of the more publicized games were from one major organization of the wrestling business, there are some coveted gems that get a lot of credit for holding their own outside of the mainstream. It is arguable that wrestling may not have the same spark as it once had; fans of wrestling have plenty to love in some of the following titles that embody the best in the genre.

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counselorterry2087d ago

Hours were spent playing wcw/nwo revenge in college. Good memories of that game

Venomousfatman2087d ago

It was an awesome game. Loved that era of gaming for wrestling games.

2087d ago
InTheLab2087d ago

Wreslemania the arcade game is the best. Nobody messes with the bad guy...

nevin12087d ago

Flawed list(no Smackdown?) but i'll take these games over all the recent wrestling THQ/Yuke games anyday.

Anybody won't to debate?

TXIDarkAvenger2087d ago

Many hours were put in WCW/NWO Revenge. Love that game.