260° Rumour mill: ZOE3, Resistance 2 and EA

Rumour mill is's run-down of the big rumours currently doing the rounds in the video game industry. Every week they will hunt down the juiciest stories and give their opinion on how legit they are.

Rumours include:

EA wants to buy Ubisoft after Take Two.
Harvey Smith has joined Arcane Studios.
Phil Harrison has left Sony to join Infogrames.
ZOE 3 to be PS3 exclusive.
Resistance 2 out in July.

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Iamback3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

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conjurdevil3939d ago

Let ZOE 3 be true!!! Cmon Kojima!! Zoe2 Was so freakin awesome!!

Lifendz3939d ago

=ownage. Lost what? Blue Dragon who? Exactly.

sonarus3939d ago

lol i'm going to remain skeptical but ps3 seems to be raining down exclusives. A lot of people wnt see this yr as the best yr in gaming since most of the great titles will be exclusive to ps3 but i sure will. Hopefully next yr can top this yr as well

socomnick3939d ago

lifend why do you came Zoe with lost odysseys or blue dragon ? They are completely different type of games.

Bonsai12143939d ago

i've wanted zoe3 the moment i laid my hands on zoe2. i can't even begin to imagine the kind of visuals kojima will get out of the ps3 with a updated ZOE engine. the first two games were among the best looking on ps2, the second looked better than some first year 360 and ps3 games.

the threat ring idea implemented in mgs4 is a revamped ring system from the first two zoe games, just goes to show that everything is being refined and retuned.

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Fishy Fingers3939d ago

Resistance 2 in July? i find that hard to believe, maybe a demo but not the game.

The main developer (Ted something) said just the other day they're aiming for November!

THE_JUDGE3939d ago

Resistance 2 in July, then look for KZ2 and LBP in the fall to Christmas range.

VaeVictus3939d ago

That's right, you heard it here first.

Bebedora3939d ago

I raise your Halo 4-6 with FF XIV & XV out next week - on PSN!

ry-guy3939d ago


I call your bid and I announce that Duke Nukem Forever and Starcraft: Ghost will be released on Steam within the next month.

desolationstorm3939d ago

ZOE3 oh snap I love the ZOE series though Ive only played them on my friends ps2. I will totally buy the game though if it does come out.

Why do we have a rumor on Phil Harrison when we know he left already?

Fishy Fingers3939d ago

The rumour is him joining >Infogrames< not leaving Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.