PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Developer SuperBot Lays Off Around 20 Employees

Hardcore Gamer: After two years in development, PlayStaton All-Stars Battle Royale was released to much anticipation and a solid critical reception. Apparently, that wasn’t enough, as reports are coming in that the studio has laid off around 20 people.

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NYC_Gamer3197d ago

How bad were PSA sales?i know the game didn't have any kind of real marketing though...

jujubee883197d ago

They where hiring just a few weeks ago so it's not like it sold bad enough to warrant people thinking the sky is falling on such a awesome studio. :/

Skips3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Pretty much, they were just hiring like last month. lol

I guess they're just trimming the fat. Sucks for those 20 people though, hope they find something soon.

guitarded773197d ago

This happens post launch with every studio... unless they have many other projects to push people to. They could just be temporary until another project comes along, or a current project goes further into development. This happens in every realm of software... especially in smaller studios.

Red_Orange_Juice3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Man Sony, they need to stop making games NOBODY asks for, I consider myself 95% ideal target for PS products and I wasnt even slightly interested in that game (also neverwanted Vita), in my opinion it was unnecessary, FORCED, unappealing visuals. If anything they should make it like MvC or SF (2vs2)

Sony does some great things, but they need to stop making games nobody asks for, its a waste of resources.
What these games have in common:
- All Stars
- Socom4
- Motorstorm
- Twisted Metal (supposedly barely broke even)

they all bombed hard, I have my fingers crossed for Dust514 cos that gamehave same mad potential

and PSALBR had a poor ass character rooster, its not even debatable

guitarded773197d ago

@ Red_Orange_Juice

Every game you listed, I bought and thoroughly enjoyed. Not every game is gonna be a monster hit in terms of sales. Sometimes a game is an investment in offering the best catalog possible which spurs software sales elsewhere.

MotorStorm has sold almost 4 million worldwide, just for the first installment. That's successful enough for sequels.

MAG sold over a million at retail worldwide, but at its peek, it had a solid online community.

SOCOM 4 got screwed releasing the week of the infamous PSN outage.

I don't know why Twisted Metal got such low sales... it seemed like everyone was asking for the game, and everyone on n4g got so excited when it was revealed... Maybe it was because it launched with too many other games around it.

All-Satrs is a great game too. Sure it could use more game modes, but with the cross-buy for PS3 and Vita, I think I got my money's worth. Really fun game... for single player, and especially local multi-player.

Sure Sony may have lost some money on some of those titles, but offering more experiences is what keeps Sony consoles the most important part of my gaming rig.

Red_Orange_Juice3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

I'm not saying those games are bad or cant be enjoyed, I just think there's too many bad choices. More Demon's Souls, and Ni No Kuni.

Yea like vast majority of Motorstorm sales were bundles, thats how I got it. That game was basiclly an extended demo and thats understanable to some extent. As far as I know ever other MS game sold worse and worse. Only RC did decent.

Everybody loves Wipeout, How about full fledged, AAA, disc based Wipeout game, not PSN game. Would double Motorstorm sales.

Maybe Sony should stop reading forums and n4g and just put some guys at gamestop to see what's selling.

also add Starhawk to that list

MaxXAttaxX3197d ago

Games YOU didn't ask for. There's a difference.

@Sonic200 , @jujubee88
Was not aware of that. So if they're hiring then it's likely they're upgrading themselves.

Caffo013197d ago

MAG is awesome,i bet everyone who bashes it never played it more than 2 hours, it deserved a lot more praise..

3196d ago
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Capt-FuzzyPants3197d ago

This game had better marketing than some of their other exclusives. I saw the commercial with real actors all the time on TV.

SoundGamer3197d ago

This is what happens when people don't buy games. Sad to hear. Too many studios have been going under, including a ton of Sony's studios. Great games don't get purchased and supported by the gaming community and people lose their jobs.

Part of the blame falls on Sony though, for horrible marketing.

Temporary3197d ago

A "ton" of Sony studios? lol ...

Care to list them for us?

Skips3197d ago

Well, one VERY SMALL STUDIO that I've never heard of until they actually closed down. BigBig Studios.

Another which practically closed themselves down by completely ignoring their fanbase by turning Socom (One of Sony's best franchises) into crap. Zipper Interactive.

And Liverpool, which merged with Evolution.

DOMination-3196d ago

Team Ico. Merged with SCE Japan and their project given to SSM to finish.

Team Soho. Merged with SCE London

phantomexe3197d ago

I didn't enjoy the beta so i never picked it up and I'm not a big fighting game fan ether. I didn't enjoy the controls in case you were wondering. Only fighting game i ever enjoyed for longer then a day i won't mention.

princejb1343197d ago

Beta was good for 2 days than the kill system got repetitive and boring
Smash is a much simpler funner fighter

I just hope they fix the killing system if they decide to make a all stars 2

mcstorm3197d ago

Supergamer I agree with what you are saying. People say Ms have not had enough new ips in the last few years but look at the new ips that have come on and not really hit the ground running. Alan wake, blur, splitsecond just to name a few. I know they are not all exclusive games but this gem has been a hard gem to see new ips it's all gun games at the moment.

Sony have had some very good games this gem but it's really only been GT and UC that have sold well. I see what Sony are trying to do and that is make a name for it's self like Nintendo have done with it's big names but I think they have gone about it all wrong and looked at the wrong market with games like lbp, mnr and psasbr.

It is a start for them with there own brands but the way the world is to day it's hard to get your name out there unless it's shown off in the right way.

Look at the MS surface it blows any Android and IPad out the water with it's looks the way it can be used but MS have not sold it in the way it has made people think I want that.

I see Sony changing things around a little next gem and not giving us as many new ips but pushing the ones they have now to the core and none core market and depending on what Microsoft and Nintendo have in store for us it could work out well for Sony next generation.

ILive3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Killzon's 2&3, infamous, journey, little big planet, and the first two resistance. Resistance 3 sold well, but not on par with the first two. See, if Sony stuck to just uncharted and gt for the entirety of this Gen gamers would not have been blessed with such titles. I applaud Sony for their efforts, and I hope they continue to support the next PlayStation like they did the Ps3.

By the way, Alan Wake just wasn't as compelling as it could have been. If Ms had put money in a creative and exciting ip, it would have sold well. Also, i think most Xbox owners only play shooting games because a game like the witcher 2 did not do well on the console. I am only kidding about the last part. The witcher 2 is a great game that deserves to played even though it is not exclusive to the system.

mcstorm3196d ago

I know what you are saying and I agree but GOW is not a new IP and KZ is not a new IP. LBP sold well but the 2nd one did not domas well as the 1st. Even though I loved it. Resistance numbers also went down the more that came out.

Im not saying they should just stick to the big ips but I would like them to offer more time and input into there new ips and big names. Look at GT and UC2 and 3 they were on the tv a lot but KZ3 Resistance LBP MS ect were not.

For me I don't care about sales as I own all 3 consoles and get the games I want for each console but I wish MS Nintendo and Sony would help developers push some of there games.

Also the ps3 owners only play shooter to look at the top selling games on both consoles. Its Nintendo consoles that are not about shooters.

majiebeast3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Sony needs better commercials a guy in a fat princess costume isnt gonna make people buy a game. When do these advertisement agency's get that you need to show a lot of gameplay. Gamers could make better commercials for games then most ad agency's these days.

The gameplay of the game was really good but presentation and extra's fell short. It even got a tournament at the Socal regionals which was amazing too watch.

delicia3197d ago

They need to bring Kevin Butler back.

mwjw6963196d ago

Sony fucked him over big time, he will NEVER work near them again.

Blastoise3197d ago

Honestly I thought that was one of the better Playstation adverts

dudeOplenty3197d ago

I enjoyed PSASBR but there's definitely a hint of incompetence at SuperBot. After 5 patches, the game is still suffering from bugs that were in the beta. Hopefully, this isn't a sales issue but SuperBot just cutting the unneeded fat.

CatXFlash3197d ago

Its always sad to see someone lose a job.

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