It's Time For a New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Following the burgeoning growth in the platform fighting genre and Smash Ultimate's success, it's time for a new PlayStation All-Stars.

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Sonic-and-Crash45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

No its not.....the 1st was a bad copy of Smash Bros ..they had the chance and lost it..Not including fundamental Playstation characters (Cloud , Crash, Sephiroth ,Snake,Chris -Jill) from start was a terriible mistake that , if i was Sony i would have fired the whole internal team ......

by now Smash Bros has included every major character in gaming grabing also those from PStation (Snake ,Cloud ,Sephiroth and probably Crash) ..... how unfitting and dumb was from Sony side to let all their legendary Characters to be grabbed and used by a competitive company that didnt even have those game on their cosnole until recently

it is pointless, waste of money and production potential for Sony...they better focus their resources in new things-projects like Returnal

Spenok45d ago

Hell yes it is! Man I loved the first and even got the platinum for it. I'd love to see another. It was easily one of the best smash clones ever.

Master of Unlocking44d ago

If they ever come up with a sequel, please let it be developed by a japanese dev, like Arc System Works or something, and be high res 2D. Japanese developers may not have a clue about how to make a good open-world game, but when it comes to versus fighting games or shoot'em ups, mama mia!