Crytek confident it could port Crysis to consoles

Crytek's lead artist, Michael Khaimzon, has revealed that the developer could confidently port highly-anticipated PC title Crysis to PS3 and Xbox 360 - although there are no current plans to do so.

Speaking to, Khaimzon said, "I don't think there would be any problem to convert anything we work on to the next-gen consoles if we decided to.

"We have enough power here, with programmers and artists, to be able to do such a thing. It's just a matter of making the decision."

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Dante15907d ago

I think with the storage capacity of Blu-Ray this should never have been any doubt about this not being able on next gen consles, mabye the Xbox version will need more than 1 disk but there fans don't mind, just like the Europeans don't mind waiting for the PS3.

Oh and yes i know this game hasen't been confirmed yet for consoles!

shotty5907d ago

It's not about disk space it about horsepower. Crysis requires an enormous about of ram and both cpu/gpu power. The xbox 360 can use at most 512 MB of texture will the ps3 can use atmost 256 MB of texture. So the xbox 360 has the edge there but sony made harddrive standard so some of the stuff can be cache onto the harddrive which gives sony an advantage there. Both consoles have similar CPUs and little is known about the ps3 GPU to make a comparison.

But the bottonline is that the publisher is EA. so im willing to bet anything that the game will come on both the xbox 360 and ps3.

5907d ago
USMChardcharger5907d ago

man, that's a little harsh achira. just make your point.

AuburnTiger5907d ago

You know the truth about the ps3 hardware so honestly you don't have to defend it. So when shotty says something completely wrong when it has obviously been proven, there's no need react to it. Achira you really need to control yourself before they take another bubble away from you. (unless you wanna look like DC rider 360) I'm not telling you what to do, i'm just saying we as a communtity should have higher standards of criticism.

achira5907d ago

yep you two are right. i only wanted him to correct. the reason i was so harsh is he knows the truth but twists everything.

Daytona5906d ago

still......................... ............................

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Silverwolf5907d ago

I don't think storage is much of a factor. This has more to do with the GPU and CPU processing power. This is primary a PC game and I haven't seen a PC game larger than 5GB. DX10 is about efficiency not storage capacity. Besides if I were to want to sound like a fanboy I could bring up the fact that only xenos has some DX10 capabilities making the port even easier to begin with.

shotty5907d ago

Actually the Xenos has some capabilities that are beyond direct X 10 since as memory export which can do stream out. So crysis can be done on the consoles but the texture size will have to be worked on. Maybe even cut the drawdistance a bit aswell.

unleash bass5907d ago

Lets hope that they do make a console version, this is potetially the most advanced (GFX wise) game todate. Lets just hope that PS3 and 360 have the power to do it, cus even on PC it has to be real high spec machine.

achira5907d ago

i bet this game will come to the consoles.

PS360PCROCKS5907d ago

I think it will but it wont be nearly as good

Silverwolf5907d ago

As good as that game looks, I'll take 85% as good as the PC version and be happy as hell.

andy capps5907d ago

Me too! Bet on it, it will either come out on Xbox 360 and PS3 or Xbox 360. They won't pass up the extra money that they could get by releasing this on consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.