Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Delayed For a Vita Release?

Oprainfall writes:

"Monster Hunter 4 was recently delayed in Japan. Originally to be released in March, it has since been pushed back to the summer of this year.

Now Japanese sources point towards a simultaneous release of the game for both the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita as being the cause of the delay."

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Thantalas3669d ago

Isn't Monster Hunter 4 a Nintendo exclusive? Do you know what the magazine article translated into English means?

NukaCola3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

It isn't announced for another system yet, however Monster Hunter as a brand isn't exclusive. Maybe it will come to Vita. They had a Vita remaster for the last one at the TGS when NGP was announced. I do hope for this though. The Vita could really use this in a bundle, especially in Japan.

NewMonday3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

if i was Capcom I would releas it for the PSP as well, it is where the biggest MH fanbase is, and an HD edition for the Vita like Namco is doing with God Eater 2, if it is out for the PSP, PSVita and 3DS it will be the best selling MH yet.

jony_dols3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Monster Hunter was huge on the PSP in Japan, so it would make sense that Capcom would return the favor & bring it to the Vita.

Also if Soul Sacrifice is a big success, then it could be a turning point for the PSV in it's home market.

dgonza403669d ago

I think if Sony wants to sell more vitas, they shouldn't let the MH team release it on PSP. It's pretty clear more vitas need to be picked up, so having the game for vita and 3DS really opens up for more vita sales. Exciting news though; whatever gets more vitas off shelves is fine with me!

UltraVegito3669d ago

Hopefully the game comes quite some time after SS.

Sony needs to make certain that game establish itself as a fail safe against a 3ds situation.
If this is true that's gonna be a great turning point in Vita sales.

sikbeta3668d ago

There is no point in doing it, the Whole MH fanbase moved to 3DS now, best result it could have is bump in sales and that's in Japan alone, well IF this happen, which is not, because I already explain why :P

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wheresmymonkey3669d ago

I thought Nintendo were publishing it. Like they did with Monster Hunter 3.

Diver3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Publishing a title means nothing. IP rights are everything. We had several third party titles this gen published by one hardware company only to see those same games come to another platform.

tehpees33669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

It MAY be in a contract so it will just get on Vita later anyway. If Nintendo have a contract on it it will be timed. If not it can get on there day and date.

Either way a Monster Hunter game will get on Vita eventually anyway.

kratos1233669d ago

Just like how MH 3 Was only coming out on the WII.
Come on man you know better then this they just change the name a little put some extra features in it and call it MH4g edition just like they did on the psp.

vork773668d ago

i remember there was a monster hunter for psp

miyamoto3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Japanese magazine GameLab

any news on RE Revelations?

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Jadedz3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

Though I have a hard time believing that. Awesome if true (both 3DS and Vita owners get to play the game).

EddieNX 3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

It would be good for Vita owners. HOWEVER , What about all the trailers stating ''exclusively on Nintendo 3DS'' and Capcop clearly stating it's a 3DS exclusive.

I don't believe it. I will believe it if I see it.

Even if it does come to vita , the 3DS version will destroy the sales of the vita version anyway :P

kesvalk3668d ago

we're talking about capcom here, i don't think this would be any problem for them...

sikbeta3668d ago

A bump in sales for a week, or even a month at most , honestly, there is nothing big MH4 will do for Vita now that the franchise and the fanbase moved to 3DS...

SegataShanshiro3668d ago

yeah capcom doing exclusives???? PLEASE! (for more information please refer to Resident evil 4 being a gamecube exclusive)

DarkHeroZX3668d ago

I know the graphics and online would be epic for vita. Plus trophies , party chat, and cross game music. The possibilities on vita are huge.

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HarryMasonHerpderp3669d ago

Had to end it with a fanboy troll comment didn't you.

Anyway I hope this is true as I enjoyed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP and hopefully it will shift a few more Vita's, I wouldn't bet on it though since Capcom seem to be favouring Nintendo when it comes to Monster Hunter and most of the fans would have bought a 3DS or Wii to play these games already. Either way we still have Soul Sacrifice, God Eater 2 and Phantasy Star online 2 to look forward too on the Vita. Also I haven't put Ragnarok Odyssey down since christmas.

MorfiTM3669d ago

Would be great to have this game on PS VITA since Monster Hunter was the reason i have bought PSP (playing at university during boring lectures).
I'm being moderately optimistic, but I have thought that MH4 is a exclusive for 3DS.
If, by any chance it comes out on VITA, it would be cool for it to look similiar to soul sacrifice and not to be a direct port from 3DS with slightly better graphics.

Ult iMate3668d ago

How about Phantasy Star Online 2?

CaptainN3669d ago

I doubt this very much.....if anything it will show up on Wii-U eventually.

iamnsuperman3669d ago

It makes more sense to have it appear on as many consoles as possible (from Capcom's point of view) Nintendo helping development with money is one thing but in todays climate more money can be made making it appear on as many units as possible

CaptainN3669d ago

And all these disagrees fail to realize that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is on both Wii-U and 3DS ??? Do you honestly think if they were capable of taking Monster Hunter Tri for Wii and improving it to the U and 3DS, that they wont do the same with 4 and upgrade it for U?

Zodiac3669d ago

Anybody here read Japanese?

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