After You’re Done with the Witcher 3, You Should Play These 7 Games

The Witcher III is here, and maybe you wanna play some other games like it. Y'know, five years after you're done with all of The Witcher, that is.

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Etseix2753d ago

"Y'know five years after you're done with all the of The Witcher, that is."




ArchangelMike2753d ago

The problem is, after playing The Witcher 3, some of those games might come across as abit weak.

Etseix2752d ago

I love Shadow of Mordor, a lot. But mostly because of the theme ( I love TLotR )

But yes, I agree, thats why the .... why?

KakashiHotake2753d ago

Actually that was a fairly decent list.

GigawattConduit2753d ago

Thanks. Wanted to include games that were still relevant while also having some older ones in there. Our list + Witcher games aside, there doesn't seem to be that many good fantasy RPGs.

crazychris41242753d ago

Would it kill you to put multiple games on the same page? Not clicking on 7 differnet slides

Kumomeme2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

another underrated title that very worth to play is dragon's dogma...many people claiming it was the best rpg last gen,and probably the had best combat among those list

but the game suffer from technical difficulties of weaker hardware of ps360...make the game deserve a remaster or/and pc port ....hope capcom didn't dissapoint us

GigawattConduit2753d ago

Oh, SHOOT. I can't believe I forgot Dragon's Dogma. Huge oversight on our end.

BellePelouse2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Two-World two?? Seriously?? This game tried to be everything but ended up being nothing.

rezzah2753d ago

I played Kindom of Amalur, put over 100 hours into it. Then I get trapped within some next dimensional world/cave in the game and all saves are within the damned thing.

I stopped playing, it sucked but **** that game.

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