Too Human X06 no-show explained

"We knew that X06 would not be the right time," says Silicon Knights boss, Dennis Dyack

Dyack has explained why his long, long in the making action-RPG, Too Human, was absent from Microsoft's X06 last week, despite having been playable at E3 earlier in the year.

"This decision to not show at X06 was made immediately after E3," said Dyack, speaking on his blog. "We made the decision to next show the game when we are ready and we knew that X06 would not be the right time."

He continued: "When we do decide to show the game, our goal is to give everyone a true impression of the game -- one that includes story, audio, game play, artwork and technology. Things are going very well and Too Human is shaping up to be our best game to date."

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OC_MurphysLaw5898d ago

I know they were a disappointment at E3, but I am hopefull this game is going to be much better than its firt impression.

EVER OLVERA5898d ago

From what I know this game is being funded enormously by MS. So it is in MS best interest that this game becomes a system seller or no less than AAA title. Silicon Knight are no lazy ass's, they can develop some serious titles, I have no doubt that this game will become a stellar title...

original seed5898d ago

so im very glad to hear that they want to polish it off so it would aww when shown.

Anerythristic265898d ago (Edited 5898d ago )

I wasn't too worried when the developer admitted it might have been a mistake to show the game in it's E3 form. I still believe in this game.

You have to rember with Microsoft they show gameplay even if it is not great. It's cool that they are honest and real with the gamers.

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