MotorStorm 2 to have 4 player Split Screen

BBC Reporter Darren Waters was given a sneak preview of some upcoming PS3 titles in London, among those was Motorstorm 2.

The game will support up to 4 players in a split screen environment, and will depart from the Desert setting with races including a Lush Tropical Island Setting with interactive vegetation.

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Fishy Fingers3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Good stuff, i know a lot of people who really wanted splitscreen and now they have it! Appears some developers actually listen!

Am i right in thinking that M2 has been built on a new engine?

Lifendz3890d ago

I think that they can just improve upon the original. Motorstorm 1 always felt like a work in progress. It was missing so much yet had the potential to be really good. HOpefully the sequel allows you to customize your vehicles and has at least 10 tracks from go.

masterg3889d ago

I remember them saying the split screen in Motor-storm 1 would never happen simply because they had built their engine totally wrong for it. (And not figured out that this was a problem that could not be fixed before it was too late)

So I think this is a completely new engine or they have built the old one up from the start and this time fixing the fundamentals that causes the problems in the first one.

MS2 is officially on my top ten must have games. Loved the first one which I still don't think has been surpassed in both graphics or game play.

masterg3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

"Moves the action away from the desert locale of the original"

I want it to stay in the desert. I would be great if they could keep the old mud desert looking tracks and combine them with new material.

Another think I would love is 12 player multiplayer where 6 starts going one direction and 6 starts in the other direction. Then the there would be head on collisions to avoid non stop. The last lap would end the same for all 12 players where there is a 3rd path in the middle of the level everybody had to go to.

Kleptic3889d ago

Dylan Jobe of Incognito stated that SCE's Santa Monica studio came up with the technology for dynamic splitscreen and joining abilities (of which were included in Warhawk first)...and that that new tech was universal and available in the EDGE upgrade, free to all PS3 SDKs...

I guess it is just some protocol to apply the processing power needed for slit screen play more efficiently...but Jobe was mentioning how it could be applied to virtually any rendering engine, not just what was used for Warhawk...I would imagine a lot of first party games will be taking advantage of this...

with that said though...Motorstorm 2 is most likely not a new engine entirely, but updated for visuals and the implemented 4 player splitscreen...the devs did admit though that the first was extremely rushed, and SCE was pushing it as a tech demo for PSN DLC as well (which they claim resulted in tons of unused assets, that have been released monthly for the last 6 months it seems)

can't wait for this though...the first Motorstorm was excellent...will be great to get that quality in other environments...interactive vegetation sounds great...

Lord_Ash3887d ago

Thanks for the split screen technology info; I missed that bit, bubbles for you.

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Bazookajoe_833890d ago

It´s gonna be freakin awsome =)

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carl ps33890d ago

YIPPY!!! 4player split-screen AT LAST!!! Can't wait!!!;)

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