What Are the Toughest PlayStation 3 Games Ever?

You could be the ultimate gaming dynamo and these games are likely to send you crying and hurling your controller at the wall.

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Bordel_19003619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Demon's Souls is the toughest I played on PS3. Awesome game btw.

JoGam3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Wipeout is tough to Platinum. Socom Confrontation was another without grinding.

@Bordel, im still stuck on the first level of Demon Souls and I still love it.

StockpileTom3619d ago

I'm still working on my Confrontation Platinum. Just need a few more rounds won by extraction on Escort and hostage extracts. It's ridiculously hard do get this trophy without cheating (getting your clan on alts to help boost those stats).

I feel it is a worthy game though, I only plat games I love.

1. Demon's Souls
2. Dark Souls
3. Confrontation (TBA)

TopDudeMan3619d ago

I'd actually stick ninja gaiden sigma 1 ahead of demon's souls. I found that game much harder than DS. I never beat it. Well, I would have if my save hadn't bugged, but that's not the point.

Nevers3618d ago

Mine would actually be any of the GoWs. Button mashers are my downfall. There's not a snowball's chance in Hades I'll platinum a GoW. Getting a platinum on Demon's Souls was relatively easy, for me. I'm better at that type of gameplay.

Ezz20133618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

demon souls.... i died aleast 10 times with the first monster
it took me while untill i knew how to play it

killzone 2/3 on Elite difficulty
uncharted 2/3 on Crashing difficulty

Cam9773619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Call of duty games? Haha! Absolutely not, WAW is the exception but the others (namely the latest ones) were easy on Vet. I should also add COD4 to the hard list, the last level has become fairly infamous to completionists and trophy hunters.

Demon's Souls was not too hard for me. Maybe because I chose magic, but for the majority of the game I was careful.

kneon3619d ago

I stopped buying COD after BLOPS but both BLOPS and MW2 were only slightly more difficult that regular difficulty. I think I finished each on veteran in under 6 hours. WaW is a different story, at times it was like I was being carpet bombed with grenades.

AznGaara3619d ago

Yeah a game can't be hard if, on default, it allows you to snap to an enemy's head via auto-aim.

StockpileTom3619d ago

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sprinterboy3619d ago

wipeout, pain, demon souls and super stsrdust for plats imo.

BlackTar1873619d ago

which trophy on super stardust did you find overly hard?

TopDudeMan3619d ago

Demon's souls is an easy plat. You can do it in under 100 hours if you know what you're doing. Try platting SOCOM: confrontation. I didn't even get one of those.

Sizzon3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Killzone 2 on Elite difficulty, oh boy the last level before you face Colonel Radec.

Edit - and ofc Demon's Souls, but at the same time so great and rewarding!

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The story is too old to be commented.