Microsoft Plans Boldest Games Bet Since Activision Deal, Changing How ‘Call of Duty’ Is Sold

Microsoft MSFT -0.19%decrease; red down pointing triangle plans a major shake-up of its videogame sales strategy by releasing the coming installment of “Call of Duty” to its subscription service instead of the longtime, lucrative approach of only selling it a la carte.

Profchaos37d ago

Until cod gets onto gamepass day 1 it's really just theory that it will hurt the overall sales I guess we will find out.

Zeref37d ago

I think it will hurt physical sales a bit. But CoD makes the most money from microtransactions. I'm sure the amount of people that are gonna play it on gamepass will be offset by the amount of new people buying MTs

Einhander197237d ago

But that increase needs to offset the loss in physical sales. CoD has been a big seller that has retained it's price much better than the average game.

And just like any game with dlc and mtx the majority of players don't buy it, it's the big spenders that really generate revenue, so the idea that by adding it to Game Pass is going to increase spending on mtx will likely not pan out as well as people hope. On top of that Microsoft currently gives away content updates for most of their games so presumably no more selling things like zombie mode.

So far nothing has really gone the way Microsoft envisioned it would, I think this will continue going forward.

romulus2337d ago

Those people who would have spent $70 to buy the game would still be the same ones spending more money on MT's so there is no offset, it will be a loss of sales that they would have acquired if the game was not on gamepass..

DarXyde37d ago

But the question then is what do consumer spending habits look like on rented games?

blacktiger36d ago

Man, you're high, 1 billion sales from copies and not mt yet. Gamepass might eat that

badz14936d ago

unlike many other games, CoD recouped the dev cost and made lots of profits off sales alone, year in year out. MT is pure unadulterated profits for them so far. I don't see them giving that up anytime soon

Omegasyde36d ago

I said this years ago (Look at comment history if you have time).

Eventually AAA games will have so much cut content if on subscriptions Day 1, that it might as well as go free to play.
Maps/Modes free (Slow AF release) sell “quarterly “ season passes, sell cosmetics and guns individually.

Problem with this model is users get bored, they move on to the next game.

SimpleDad36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

MTs sell either way... they will loose huge. The whole point is to increase Gamepass numbers and get that investor money. That's the offset.

Sony doing it as well with pushing PSN acc on Steam.
They both want user accounts increase.

It's like YouTube channel. You want subscriber accounts so that you get better ads on your videos. You don't really care about viewership.
Now, YouTube is changing algorithm all the time I know... but that's the idea.
You don't get money from viewers... you get it from ads.

Profchaos36d ago

I never understood being comfortable paying for micro transactions when you don't actually own the game it's like paying for an expansion pack but renting the base game every other week from blockbuster back in the day.

I guess starfield proved people are more.than happy to however given the DLC expansion sold Reall well as it came with a early access promotion

Given Microsoft's new strategy of early access packs for GP games I bet they will continue this for COD but the games DLC get it a week early aka the actual launch Day

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-Foxtrot37d ago

It’s rumored there’s going to be new tiers to Gamepass added when COD hits. So most likely the most pricey one will include newer COD titles.

Chevalier37d ago

How much you thinking? $25-30 a month is what Xbox will want for this new tier?

I actually think they pull something like Amazon Prime and you end up with Gamepass and buy a COD pass separately then they bundle both.

purple10137d ago

They will add modern warfare 3

But yeh gulf war, is going to incur a price rise, pretty sure

Sonic188136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I think they're *forcing* PC gamers to pay the highest tier as well. I'm like WTF? I hope I'm wrong on this

Name Last Name37d ago

It’s a gamble but I think they have to do it. Release COD on GP to see if it grows. Otherwise, GP will definitely not grow.

Sonic188136d ago (Edited 36d ago )

How will gamepass affect the quality of the game though? Yearly releases on gamepass? I felt like the franchise was getting stale to begin with because of the yearly releases and losing it's quality 🤔

1Victor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@prof: “Until cod gets onto gamepass day 1 it's really just theory that it will hurt the overall sales I guess we will find out.”
I wonder what the FTC have to say about that because that was part of the issue in the buyout suit.
If it goes D1 on game pass they’ll have to offer it on PlayStation as well unless the GP owners will have to buy it, ether way Microsoft screwed up badly

37d ago
Lightning7737d ago

I think that's why they wanted Sony wanted to sign a deal to have COD on PS. PS will take most of those sales if we're being honest. Being on GP will generate the most players and possibly GP subs. Something Xbox desperately needs.

romulus2337d ago

If they bring it to gamepass it will most assuredly be a day one offering as that is their hook for gp. If or when it does it will absolutely hurt overall sales.

gold_drake37d ago

not sure if its a theory, if something is made available for what, 14 money instead of 70?, then people will get it for that price im sure. most of them anyways

crazyCoconuts37d ago

I think if your average player would spend more on the MTs than the game cost, Activision would have gone F2P by now. The Activision CEO went on record saying he though putting COD on GamePass was "value destructive" or something like that. COD is like the only game out there that tons of people pay full price for EVERY YEAR, which is an amazing position to be in. If anyone can mess this gravy train up, it's MS though...

Crows9036d ago

Well it has to sell on Xbox prior to adding it to gamepass for it to affect sales.

Rynxie36d ago

You people think too much into this. It's just a move to get PlayStation users to switch over to Xbox or for them to get gamepass on devices that support it (perhaps even to get ps owners to force Sony to include gamepass on their consoles). It's just a slimey MS move.

OlderGamer1736d ago

Sony will not except Gamepass on Playstation, they are not stupid....

Sonic188136d ago

Will this hurt the quality of the game? We will soon find out🤔

ChasterMies36d ago

CoD on GamePass will hurt physical sales on PC and Xbox. So the question is how will Microsoft get that money back. The answer is microtransactions.

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Kaii37d ago

Will this succeed or be a massive trainwreck, place ya bets people ^.^

CrashMania37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

It depends. Even on Xbox CoD still sold millions of copies, this will canabalise a large portion of those sales, potentially hundreds of millions in initial revenue. With the assumption being it'll get more players from GP buying MTs.

But with poor console sales, GP is hitting it's saturation point on console and stagnating, and with PC being very entrenched in steam with gamepass not being that popular there, without a bigger install base it's not really going to increase subs by very much even with CoD. Are people really going to jump ship to monthly to buy xbox's and sub to GP to play CoD especially when it'll probably sell 15+ million on PS5 anyway? I doubt it, but who knows I might be wrong, it'd certainly be a bit concerning if the sub count didn't move even slightly from the biggest FPS on the market being on there, it's a gamble though.

Releasing CoD on GP definitely make the service more attractive, but I question the impact based on what I mentioned above.