Microsoft To Add New Tiers & Pricing To Xbox Game Pass Subscription With Addition Of Call Of Duty

Microsoft will reportedly add new tiers and pricing to its Xbox Game Pass subscription with the addition of Call of Duty to its game catalog.

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Jin_Sakai37d ago

And so it begins. Game Pass days are over.

ThinkThink37d ago

How come? Because there's a rumor of adding an additional tier?

Jin_Sakai36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

CoD is just a way of raising the prices and pushing people into paying more for Game Pass. It’s losing its value and the day 1 first party games aren’t really worth it anymore.

purple10136d ago

yes, because people were sold on the promise of one price, activision games included, now they want another whole tier to include cod,

not what people initially brought into, (well gamepass had many subs even before Activision, but you get my point)

So, One more lie, to add to the stack of lies, perpetrated by these scumbags,

jin_sakai probably think this ones the nail in the coffin, id tend to agree

Cacabunga36d ago

Sony better take notes and rethink their future plans.

this really couldn’t get worse..

peppeaccardo35d ago

If you pay attention to the target audience of this so called gaming service it all starts making sense and MS is doing exactly what they r supposed to do to get their money back ... if you really understand the reasoning of the lower side of the spectrum of the cod players MS has found its gold vein ... we r in business territory as entertainment is long deceased on the MS vocabulary.

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Hofstaderman36d ago

Best deal in gaming??? We think not.

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GamerRN35d ago

So you probably don't like all three tiers of PSN either.

notachance36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

If they’re as stupid as to make it more than $5/month increase from the highest tier I’d laugh my ass off.

crazyCoconuts36d ago

That would be a way of getting to say they kept the promise of all games on GamePass without cannibalizing their sales

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GamerRN35d ago

Isn't there an 8 dollar difference between bottom and top tier PSN?

Bathyj36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Making gamepass worse value by making it more expensive, as well as CoD losing Xbox sales and PlayStation gamers will want it less if Xbox gamers are getting it for "free".

Takes real talent to damage 2 things with one move.

Chocoburger36d ago

Call of Duty needs to be taken down a notch, its too popular for its own damn good. So yeah, it seems like MS is going to help make that happen. So good job, I guess?

crazyCoconuts36d ago

If they price it so high that people won't want it, they won't sign up so MS won't lose out on sales. Not all of those bad things will happen, just some of them

PhillyDonJawn36d ago

Really? You think CoD on PS would sell less cause Xbox gamers get access thru gamepass? I doubt that. COD fanbase is huge they're gonna play where they want to play and not care how the next person got it

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Notellin36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I ended my subscription right around when they announced the purchase of Activision/Blizzard.

No offense but I'm not paying a subscription fee to get the worst 3rd party publishers games for free. It's like paying a monthly fee to only eat at Chili's or Applebee's while everyone else is having all the amazing food.

My hope was Gamepass would bring more games like Grounded or Hi-Fi Rush. We have all seen how that's going.

I'll never spend another dollar on an Xbox service ever again after the recent studio closures. I've defended them on here and elsewhere but they don't deserve any trust from any consumer at this point.

PhillyDonJawn36d ago

I understand your feelings but your analogy made no sense lol

VariantAEC34d ago

Never eaten at Chilis or Applebees... are they really that bad?

Notellin34d ago


It makes perfect sense and I can't figure out how you are unable to comprehend the words.

PhillyDonJawn31d ago

It made no sense cause Gamepass has a huge variety of games including hit games. You're implying Gamepass games quality is that of Chiles and Apple Bees lol. We all know that's not accurate so your analogy made no sense. MLB the show was steak 48 when it was PS exclusive now it's on gamepass it's suddenly a blooming onion from Applebee's 😂.

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S2Killinit36d ago

And soon you will have the option to opt for the Sports package, but if you want sports you also need to pay for the weather package.

As Ive said since this thing was introduced. Prepare to get nickel and dimed.

PhillyDonJawn36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

They do that that'll be the end of them. They're not that crazy. Only way that would work is if you could build a game pass package $5 sports, $5 shooter, $5 rpg, etc. But even then it's bad business for MS cause ppl that only play sports and shooters would get it cheaper compared to an all game bundle and they'd lose money.

InUrFoxHole36d ago

@Jin Sakai
But you're totally fine with paying for psn with no day 1, 1st party...

crazyCoconuts36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The PSN essential value you get with base online access is unparalleled, puts Xbox core to shame. The PSN extra package however seems to be diminishing in value as it probably should. With any luck we'll have people buying their frickin games again as these sub services lose popularity

PhillyDonJawn36d ago

@Coconut not gonna lie I wanna start buying games again lol. (I do but not day 1 releases) I still feel bad for not buying Ori 2. Had it not release day 1 on GP I would've bought. So if they move day 1 titles to a new tier (which I'm not subbing to) I'd buy the games I really want day 1. While the ones I want to play but not badly I'd wait til it's available on the lower tier to play.

lodossrage36d ago


oh come on, There was a time Xbox fans were ok with just paying for the right to play online without getting anything for it.

ironmonkey35d ago

He's fine with paying for better games. Xbox ain't got it. Redfall day one enjoy....