1UP MotorStorm Interview

Some new details about Motorstorm from 1UP interviewing Sony. Its a real good read. Enjoy!

1UP: When the game is 100% finished, how close do you think the visuals will be to that target video?

Pete Smith: I think we will be very close and in many places we'll surpass it. But to me it's about more than just the visuals the movie showed; it's the intensity of the action. You guys played the TGS demo so you know the action is already totally full-on. We're in the polishing and balancing phase now. This is always where the gameplay makes huge progress and that is definitely the case here. A game like MotorStorm with the variety of routes and vehicles needs this time to deliver an experience to match the visuals. The final game will definitely blow people away in terms of both visuals and gameplay....

specialguest6445d ago

it's pretty interesting to know that they can and will still contintue to improve on the already beautiful looking MotorStorm Demo they had at TGS. the game that was presented at TGS was only 80% completed. now they're in the polishing/balancing phase which is where all the magic is suppose to happen.

specialguest6445d ago

they've also stated that the TGS demo was slow due to the imcomplete demo. the actual finished game will have improved framerates and will be a whole lot faster and chaotic.

Antan6445d ago

Already excited by this and after reading this and the recent preview in Edge, my expectations have risen that little bit more!............

Shadow Flare6445d ago

and everyone used to say that the final game will never look or play like the trailer. idiots

i wish i could go back to 2005 and show those people the final game

TheMART6444d ago

And who says it will actually? THe ingame footage I saw lately was still far off the CGI shown @ E3 2005!

THey can say it'll be close to or surpass in some parts of the game, that would be in the between ingame stuff, where CGI cutscenes are added to fill the BR disc?

Show me one movie, just one, where the footage is very, very close to the E3 2005 CGI. Look at it closely. Never did it came close to it man. Every Sony fan can go on lying to himself, but it's not. And believing a producer of the game itself on only their words is a no-no for me

Antan6444d ago (Edited 6444d ago )

As ive said before i recommend interested people buy the new Edge magazine which has a new 6 page preview, which comes across in an increadibly favourable manner. Edge of course is a multi-format publication so any possible comments about being bias towards one particular format can be shot down. One quote that sticks out is

"What is Motorstorm beyond a video at E3 2005 and a game that looks remarkably similar".

And now the developers are saying certain aspects of the visuals will be better than the E305 movies?

Arkham6443d ago

FCS... Look at HD feeds instead of those lowquality ones. If you look at the details you'll see the quality is pretty damn faithful to their target video. If you think this low-fi example to proves your point, you're way off base.

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JIN KAZAMA6445d ago

Dont you get tired of being such a hater, i mean, all that negativity inside of you must be eating you up inside. Let it go man, let the hate go.

Anyways, I cannot wait for this game, its looking better and better as we see more of it. I saw the list of games in the dev cycle during the TGS, and it had Motorstorm at 60%. This game will truly show the power of the PS3, and its only a launch title, which is just sick in the head. Imagine motorstorm 2! Definately will be picking this up during launch. I just dont know which one to get, the 600 version, or the 500 version, since that has HDMI on it now.

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TheXgamerLive6445d ago

Sony as a video game corporation sucks. Lies Lies Lies....that's it, I mean c'mon, where's the ps3 at?? In production yet?? NO. You'll all see it march 2007.

Games at release , a couple may be ok, but here's another thing, your first gen.releases on this console have been in the design process just as long as the XBOX 360'soriginal games were, MGS4 has been showing clips for over some 2+ years now, it's only that sony has sucked and delayed at providing dev.kits so CGI has continually been shown. So in a sence the ps3 games are already enjoying second year next gen.titles at launch and yet it still sucks so bad. Through MS and the XBOX 360's trial and error, sony should of learned and taken advantage of alot but did they?


lalaland6444d ago

As you say, devs haven't had final dev kits for more than 4-5 months max, and it is once they get final dev kits all the magic happens. Up until then it is all standard PC parts with the Cell processor, but part of the beauty of the PS3 is in how the RSX and Cell are connected. To utilize that devs NEED to have the final dev kits (or pretty close to final).

So it doesn't matter how long the game has been in design for, if the devs are unable to really push the limits of the technology. And that is why we've got something called first gen and second gen games.

Games for the X360 were designed long before they got final dev kits as well.

By the way, only a few times has there been shown CGI instead of realtime graphics on the PS3, and MGS4 ain't one of them. I will concede there have been somewhat of a downgrade to the MGS4 videos, but I would blame that on raising the res to 1080p, now having final dev kits and trying to shoehorn all the rest of the game in there as well.