Metal Gear Awesome 2

Arin Hanson, better known around the web as Egoraptor, has been making flash movies based on video games called the "Awesome" Series. Recently released is the last movie of the series called "Metal Gear Awesome 2" which takes place after the first "Metal Gear Awesome" (Meaning the story is set in Metal Gear Solid, not the sequels). According to Newground's rating system. This video is rated mature for "Excessive violence, Explicit Audio, Mild Text, and Mild Adult Themes"

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Maldread3888d ago

The first one was a bit better, but i think this was very funny too

Coffin873888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )


omg, the XX-AWESOME series are the BEST video game parodies out there!!!!

silent hill awesome, resident awesome 4, awesome the hedgehog .....
they all ROCK!!!!!

(of course there's only one thing that's even better: the AVGN, but that's obvious.)

"hey, are you taking a dumb????" - "HELL YEAH!!"
"you know when you have diarrhea and it doesn't hurt when it comes out .. it's soo satisfying man" - "GROSS" BAM!!

ChaosKnight3888d ago

Yup, a day old *rolls eyes*

Funny stuff!

Maddens Raiders3888d ago

I'm not sure whether to laugh or frown.

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