Wonderwallweb give Lost (Via Domus) 9/10

When wonderwallweb heard that Ubisoft where making a game based on Lost, two things crossed their minds, the first being, would this game be any good? And secondly and perhaps more importantly, how was anyone going to make a game out of this? Well find out as wonderwallweb review Lost (via Domus).

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sonarus5080d ago

i dunno. I am not really a lost fan haven't even tried watching any of them and most movie games suck. Was a huge fan of 24 and remember i bought another ps2 to play it(long story) and it sucked. I think i need to see a couple of more reviews to be convinced

InMyOpinion5080d ago

A friend of mine who works at Ubisoft said it's a 6-7/10. I'd wait for more reviews.

toughNAME5080d ago

My review should be up by next week

I am also a huge Lost fan

Lord_Ash5080d ago

I’ll be waiting for your review, I like fan based reviews.

Ri0tSquad5080d ago

Lol, I'm pretty sure like half on the users on this site had their money on this game bombing. I'll wait for more reviews.

Last episode of Lost was kinda bad.

[email protected]5080d ago

This remind me so much that game of Pokemon... what's calling...? Oh, I remember Pokemon Snapshot or something similar. No, thanks this not my kind of the game but the series rulez ^__^

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The story is too old to be commented.