Lair Analog Controls Confirmed For March

TheBitbag writes:

"I played Lair today and the controls wouldn't work. Why? They reconfigured it for analog use. Now you can choose which controls you like. It's too bad so many Lair owners balked at the innovation. It's still good to have a choice. The patch will be available sometime in March for download."

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xaphanze3889d ago

I hope some websites re-review the game with the controls.If it gets a decent score Im getting it.

decapitator3889d ago

This is very good news. Lair is dirt cheap right now. I suggest people who did not try it because of all the bad mouthing pick it up and give it a try along with the patch. Is not a bad game but it isn't perfect either.

Sangria3889d ago

Agreed. I didn't buy Lair because of all those reviews saying it was crapped by controls, but now that many people sold it and patch is coming, i'll buy it cheap, and i really hope the game will be re-reviewed.

gambare3889d ago

But I will Re-play this game, and that's for sure.

Lifendz3889d ago

They arleady said the graphics are great, the sound is epic, and the story is good. The voice acting is a little "surferish" but nothing that should bother you if you could stomach Altair in Assasins Creed. I won't get it though. Too much money and too many good games coming. If I had to choose, I'd get Lost Planet over this.

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Spike473889d ago

bad this was'nt done from the start.

SkolarVisari3889d ago

This patch should have come out a long time ago. Really it should have been an option from the begining rather than a patch after the fact. They have managed to engender so much hatred that many people do not even care about the game at all anymore.

Hatchetforce3889d ago

With PS3 sales likely to quadruple twice in it's life it is hardly a waste of time. Most people that will buy a PS3 haven't done so yet. It is a boon to such people and even current owners. I still have Lair and am looking forward with renewed interest.

poopsack3889d ago

what the hell is he talking about the controls wont work? this guy and his recent news are a bit bag of bs.

socomnick3889d ago

Its probably a little too late.

gambare3889d ago

for good games to become great games.

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