Brink: The Best Class Based Shooter This Generation

Ruaidhri looks back at Brink from Splash Damage, for a game he loved so much why didn't it get the praise and attention he felt it deserved?

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dazzrazz2299d ago

Muhahahah ! Game was shit PERIOD ! Nothing else to say...

Eiffel2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I can only wonder what happened to this game, it had so much going for it and the previews were a lot different from the final product, which confused me when I played the game.

Watching this a second time after having beat the game showed it had a different direction prior with an actual story. Seems that they took what they had for a new direction and scrapped the story elements and AI interactions all together for a rushed product with just the multiplayer portions for both offline and online with little polish. They set up Brink to fail.

coolbeans2299d ago

Brink is probably the most respectable train wreck I've played of this generation (a weird award to give, I know). Given the moderate success this dev had prior to making this game, it's shocking to see how unrealized their initial concepts were.

To Ruaidhri:

I have to respectfully disagree with your adoration for this title.

Oschino19072299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I put around 300 hours into the multiplayer which clearly was where are the focus went as playing offline was almost pointless. Having said that though I did get it mainly for the multi but it had a few key issues.

Lack of multiplayer lobbies/parties to get people together before the match starte.

Hardly any game modes that weren't just a variation of the main mode.

A.I. that filled in for players was nothing more then easy XP for human players and way to easy to stack sides and crush the other team especially with ability to switch during the match.

It was great fun if you really wanted to get into it. Me and others from the forums made Chats on each console to serve as lobbies and we made a Club on the official Dev forums for Brink players who were friendly to play with. Had a small community but a very tight nit one who were mostly all you could ask for in a Team/Class Based Objective Shooter. Although a few bad apples did try to ruin the bunch.

In the end I say it was probably the best idea in its genre and the best game of its type (not many out there) in terms of what it did right as opposed to wrong.

I put its failing to a lack polish allowed by the Pubs and not the Devs. Hell Bethesda even released it early knowing it would take muc more time to perfect the game. Devs had their hands tied and were the most uncomminicative I have ever come across as Bethesda had their hand tied. It wasn't until months of complaining from loyal fans on the forums till they let some from the Dev team talk openly about SOME things regarding the game and it's issues.

Patches also took forever and the DLC was delayed for a few months and it was mostly all silence from the Devs cause of Bethesda. By the time everything got right and they finally added the Clan features the game was all but dead or being quickly forgotten as a big Fall lineup hit that year.

Everyone I who I played with regularly is hoping and praying for a Brink 2 that adresses all the issues and expands things even further. It did sooooo much right but a few fatal flaws kept it from becomming bigger. As time goes though I see feature after feature from Brink being added to other games and working great. It gives me hope that one day they will make another (hopefully early next gen) and it will get the recognition/praise it deserves.

jetlian2298d ago

brink has the best fps movement ever though. All it needed was basic MP modes. They could have gotten rid of the class stuff and had ffa and it wouldnt have gotten such bad reviews.

Id give it a 7

The_Nameless_One2299d ago

Classic case of developer biting more then they can chew.

kwyjibo2299d ago

With the exception of APB, no game has deserved to fail more than Brink.

You release a game which is worse than Team Fortress 2, worse than other free to play games, and then you want to charge us £30 for it.

Turns out gamers weren't as stupid as you thought they were.

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