Lair - TGS 06 Graphics and Gameplay Interview HD

Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5 gives us some knowledge about the beauty and depth of this hot-looking title.

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Tut5899d ago

Quite impressive and I really like the way that man thinks, although I am sure I couldn't fully understand it.

There was one thing that I noticed in that video that made me raise an eyebrow. At one point the dragon collides with one of the huge spires on the bridge just barely with his wing. That collision just simply moves the character over like it was original pathing without causing damage or destroying that piece of the bridge.

Other than that the video blew me away. I didn't really think that this kind of thing was possible but I hadn't truly imagined such a thing as a game. Regardless, I am extremely excited for this game. The independence in the missions sounds like both a great challenge and a ton of fun!


Voodoochild5899d ago

The video impressed me as well. The lighting and textures were so rich and detailed that it blew me away. I wouldn't say it's better than my Xbox 360's graphics, but it is defiantly par with them. The thing that impressed me the most was the controls in the game. I can't wait to play this title for myself.

specialguest5899d ago

if this game is impressive looking from an off screen video, imagine the direct feed video. also, it's not even close to finish, so they will eventually improve on the crowd of human AI. right now, they look like sitting ducks waiting to be killed.

DC RID3R5899d ago

but for All the prettiness that lair is, to me, the game's just a poor panzer dragoon wannabe, whatever angle you choose to look at it!!!

not an extremist, just a realest.

Arkham5899d ago

From a different angle? You mean, as in being able to fly in more than one "angle", and not just in a forward-only rail angle?

kikilala5899d ago

wow.. u got back a bubble.. congratulation.. dont loose it too soon man.. :D

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