GDC 2008: Crytek's Coy On Console Crysis

Crytek's engine business manager Harald Seeley made the remark to clarify any rumors that Crysis would in fact make its way to Xbox 360 and PS3, despite persistent suspicions that the limited PC market and transition of CryENGINE 2 to console were indicative that such a move would occur.

While Seeley did say that work on CryENGINE 2 for console was proceeding well with quality exceeding the PC engine's medium-level settings at 720p, and that most assets would transition easily from the PC engine to the console engine, he was adamant that the company had yet to make the decision to actually port the award-winning game.

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Fishy Fingers3891d ago

medium settings at 720p? they'll have to do better than that.

jackdoe3891d ago

Medium High Crysis looks better than a lot of games on the PS360 right now.

Statix3890d ago

Well, they DID say it's currently BEYOND medium, and it's still a work in progress.

BobDog3890d ago

i gave u a buble, the fanboys took em.

he is right, well untill killzone 2 comes out =D

niall773891d ago

... how many FPS does it run at?

Charlie26883891d ago

I would assume that because they are aiming at making it medium-ish at 720p its because they are giving at least 30fps

BigBaehr3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I just want it to come out for PS3.

IzKyD13313891d ago

i think crytek made an idiotic descision releasing this game for the PC only, hundreds of millions of people may have PCs, but PC gaming is as good as dead

theox2g73891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

u're right, pc gaming is dead, crytek are real idiots, aren't they? even the crappiest of the crapfest of dog poo games on consoles surpass the best selling pc games by far, i mean crysis sold a measly million copies, cnc3 sold 2million copies, witcher sold 600k, even old Half life 2 sucks for selling 4 million copies, as a matter of fact all the quality games that sold well on pc suck donkey balls, and that includes starcraft 2, steam sucks cos they're a billion dollar company with 15 million accounts, WoW sucks cos there are 10 million players worldwide, Capcom, Bioware, Epic, 2k Games and all those developers suck cos they're bring more console exclusives to pc, oh and i almost forgot the last and most important onea, HILARY CLINTON IS BLACK AND JACK THOMPSON LOVES VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES AND MAKES THE MOST RATIONAL ARGUMENTS!!! lmao and NPD's 10 year old business model of measuring only US pc sales and ignoring digital kicks ass and all these anti-pc sentiments are the best and so truthful!! And let's not forget the MPAA and RIAA cos we all know piracy is the blame for everything and nothing else!

/(u already know what goes here)

@ guy below me,
You forget that crysis is the most demanding game on the market and yet has broken the million barrier in a saturated season, show me a shooter besides cod4 and massively hyped halo that sold 4 million in that season, and you are forgetting that console games peak their sales in their early weeks and sales die down with hype when everybody jumps on to the next game, i'm not saying it wouldn't sell but try to read between the lines, pc games don't sell as quickly and it's mostly developers in for a quick buck that are jumping ship to consoles where a game of lesser quality can sell millions *cough* nfsprostreet* without effort, half life 2 sold 4 million in 2 years but when u look at the first quarter it came out in 2004, it sold only 200k cos it was less playable then, sales were constant so just put that in line with the unplayable crysis selling a million and how much more it will sell when it becomes playable and the royalties crytek get on the licensing of the engine, hardware agreements with nvidia/intel, and by the way nvidia gaming GPUs are flying off shelves like crackers so there's alot more to this whole pc exclusive stuff than u think

Panthers3891d ago

All of those games you mentioned would have sold a lot better on consoles. Even WoW if it was given enough time. Crysis would have sold at least 4 mil.

theox2g73891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

u see the problem i have with your argument is that the console development process takes alot of money with licensing fees and all that stuff and learning the console's architecture and stuff, with all these complications and financial requirements, if u are not a bigwig developer like EA or Naughty Dog, it is very risky to try developing a console game for the first time, just look at how many console fanboys cry foul at developers and hyped anticipated games flopping, not all console games are best sellers, it all depends on ur knowledge and experience with the hardware and ur funds available, remember those million sellers are all made by the big kahunas who are maestros at console development with tons of cash,
Crytek being a pc only small German developer found it more economically viable to bring crysis to pc only for the moment because it was cheaper to develop and they did this to test the waters, so with crysis' sales success on pc and all the bucket loads of cash they get from the engine and nvidia/intel hardware royalties, they can have enough funds to start working on a console game that runs the engine excellently without rushing some crappy port,
Remember crysis is a huge success on pc for initial sales even though it's not yet fully playable on most rigs so time will tell whether it really is a best seller or not when the average rig can play it well like the source engine

If u want proof, check out this link from the crytek themselves,


they need to learn how to develop like guerilla and digi-guys, then they could have a game that would easily look way better than crysis, on any settings for the ps3.

VirusE3890d ago

Yeah the makers of far cry could learn a lot from the makers of Tiny toon adventrues: Diddys candy quest. You are brain dead.

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