Fuse: Insomniac Games adds more color to the game based on fan feedback

GC: Hey remember how everyone said Fuse was a generic game, including the box art? It seems Insomniac Games is taking those criticisms seriously.

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Riderz13372347d ago

If Insomniac were listening to fan feedback they would have brought back Overstrike... -.-

Smurf12347d ago

It is Overstrike though! Just a bit changed.

DOMination-2346d ago

EA has nothing to do with it. Their partners label (EAP) pretty much just just publish the games. The whole point of the program is that developers keep control of their products and IP.

On a separate note.. I've never checked fuse out. But that's because Overstrike looked terrible to begin with. When it was first announced hardly anybody cared about it. Now all of a sudden some treat it as if it was going to be a AAA title.

Baka-akaB2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

In this case EA got everything to do with it . If a game is so transformed aesthetic and spirit wise , based on the remark of a small Pr test pool , who do you think is behind that , beside the publisher ?

"When it was first announced hardly anybody cared about it. Now all of a sudden some treat it as if it was going to be a AAA title. "

Not really what's happening . When first mentioned we knew next to nothing about it , and saww nothing much to care about .

And now what ? do we care more or even less ? Far less , as the game doesnt even provide a distinguishable look anymore

Jinkies2346d ago

This is not Overstrike at all, they basicaly scraped the game and made a total differnt one to please EA.

kupomogli2346d ago

Insomniac is not owned by EA and could more than likely get any developer they want to publish their games. Sony has tried to purchase them countless times. They probably went with EA because the contract was better. Any of those on the EA hate train ever think of that? Of course not, because that's saying EA gave Insomniac a better offer than the other publishers and would make EA look good.

Also. Why does anyone act like this game isn't the same game as Overstrike? It's the same game with a different name. Both Fuse and Overstrke are pretty generic names, so I couldn't care less which one they choose. You can tell from the gameplay videos that the characters are the same from the stupid looking videos of Overstrike they released last year.

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DOMination-2346d ago

Overstrike didn't seem like it would be all that good itself from the trailer. Just a bad copy of Borderlands.

MaxXAttaxX2346d ago

Wow, how did you get "a bad copy of Borderlands" from OverStrike?

OverStrike was(and maybe still is) a third-person action game. It used stylized characters and unique weapons, which are something Insomniac have been known for.
Get out more.

DOMination-2346d ago

From the trailer at e3 a few years ago, it looked like a comic booky shooter with four characters, obviously designed for co-op with "witty" humour. To me, that seems an awful lot like Borderlands.

No need to get so offended by my opinion though! I shall ignore your petty and ironic personal attack on this occasion.

Riderz13372346d ago

Lol if Overstrike looked like a bad copy of Borderlands, then Fuse looks like a bad copy of EVERY FPS game on the market.

MaxXAttaxX2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Again, stylized characters, unique weapons, witty humour... these are traits Insomniac has also been known for.
And they've been around longer than Borderlands.

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ritsuka6662346d ago

Sadly for Insomniac a few cosmetic changes ain't going to save it from bombing.

medziarz2346d ago

the game look absolutely trash :/ (video)

AngelicIceDiamond2346d ago

"Fuse: Insomniac games adds more color to the game based on fan feedback."

Good, now add more originality.

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NoTheMama2346d ago

too late guys, pretty much everyone has already written this off. Cut the crap, and give us a real new Ratchet & Clank game. A Crack In Time was awesome! Now get moving! *whips*

hellzsupernova2346d ago

Overstrike had a personality Fuse will get lost in the other shooters around. I have all faith in Insomniac but none in EA

akaakaaka2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

so is or looks like resistance 2 co op action/game play and people like it its "fun" the shooting does look fun but it take to many bullets to kill a enemy and that kills the fun for me, i mean so advanced tech and they can't make stronger bulets? wtf
and but with a lot of pop in numbers and that is also loved by teen (overrated and annoying for me) it almost like seen a RPG pop up points LOL
the visuals special effect are nice!and animations.
and the maps look like vanquish alike (i don't like them)

i bet it will sale ok but it will not be super popular but it will do good enough.

come on insomniac make a new amazing IP for Sony more mature I will love that.

SamPao2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

I had no interest in the game till now, you only pointed out things that I totally enjoy!
Thanks pal!

Resistance2 is a great game to begin with.

Lots of bullets to kill enemys? THATS GREAT! I had enough of those warfare shooters where you just have to see the enemy and boom kill. BORING!

maps like Vanquish? NOW THAT! got me interested in watching the video :D :D absolutely love Vanquish.

I dont think it will sell good.
And I agree with you that they should creat a new amazing IP for Sony!

akaakaaka2346d ago

i do not disagree, we just have different taste and that is fine.
and i did not meant i like random kills, i like kills to be just more logical few bullets to the body one to the head a good logical natural balance with skills needed,
and yes resistance 2 co op was fun but it could have been more fun if enemies did not took so many bullets to die..

i will no mind resistance 4 in a more modern era, bring back hale as a clone or maybe have his sister son look like him and have his personality, that will be epic! (i did even remember resistance 3 protagonist name and that tells you a lot, resistance 3 campaign was one of the best ever)

SamPao2346d ago

totally agree with everything

yaz2882346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

lol you actually made me interested in the game ( loved r2) .. I have faith in insomniac ( ea is what worry me. their new game used to have a soul .. now not. it feels more like a generic shooter. fuck EA!.. this is the same like what happened to shadow of the dammed)

I loved r1 .. and hated 2 at first but when I return to it .. it was actually amazing and fun!

r3 .. hated it and just couldn't wait to get over with it. although the story was OK but really felt empty without hale! he was an amazing character imo and badass especially in first game.. I didn't like how he turned out in r2... all bossy and leader shit, but I handled it. I always felt sympathy for him, he was always fighting alone and the virus drama .. oh god, hale why did you die?! ( If there is a reason to hate on insominc, this is definitely number 1 )

r3 really pissed me off at the beginning.. the tutorial " yeah look .. joe got himself a bullseye.. so cool!" .. where the fuck is the AK?! (its in the end of the game!!).. and why are the humans aren't using their wepones?
and the maps are fucking small .. the game feels like cod! get in room, kill all the dudes .. now wait for you buddy to open the next room. repeat. and it tried to be like UN which is something that I didn't like.

lots of bullet to kill enemys? oh please this is what I want now! just like Ulte said... the first sign to know the game is cod like .. enemys die with two bullet. allot of bullets >> good sign!

RedDeadLB2346d ago

This doesn't look good.

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