First ever ingame off-screen screenshots from Banjo 3

A French blog poster on Jeux-France has just updated his blog with the very two first ingame screenshots from Banjo Kazooie 3. Banjo Kazooie 3 is the third game in the series and is being developed by Rare exclusively for Xbox 360. The first two off-screen ingame images are attached in this item.

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gamesblow5958d ago

Palm tree looks nice but that second pic is a little meh... I've no doubt Rare can produce some incredible visuals on the weaker hardware they're working with, look at Kameo... but the verdict is still out here. It looks nice... and the screenshots are pretty bad, so I'll save judgment.

Right now...

R&CFTOD is still the best looking game to date on any platform. simple as that.

candystop5958d ago

Quebert please suck d!ck curl up and die! I find Greens comments a lot more mature and better to read then anything you could possibly cough up! You Sony fans are so insecure you pull dirty tactics and try to silence the 360 and it's community by spreading junk lies! Im a grown man and I have enough sense to realize that the PS3 is more powerful yes but cant show as much power as 360 which actually makes 360 more powerful when everything is said and done! No matter what the ps3 does it will never outshine the 360 so get use to it and prepare for the tides to turn! The PS3 had it's two months of glory so now it's time for 360 to start taking it back and if you dont believe me then just wait until E3 when you really start to envy us lol!

JVIDICAN5958d ago

u realise you just made a complete idiot of yourself
seriously 1 game (Gears) isnt going to make the 360 line up superior =P

power of Green 5958d ago (Edited 5958d ago )

This troll never stops. lol

All of it looked good the pics were so bad I'm suprized we can see as much as we do.

This fool says weaking hardware?lol. Already kills R&C-TOD despite the quality of the pics thats why you're in here giving your half assed complements. So rabid you have to bash something while you complement it or you can't all together.

gamesblow5958d ago

Power of Green, no one likes you... You're words compliment your empty, pathetic, rants and arguments.

R&CFTOD is easily the most well put together game on any console. It's textures and quality are unmatched. You've never played it, shut up.

As I said... these are bad shots... and when the game is released, I've not a doubt it'll look better than R&CFTOD. It should after more than a year later. Don't you think?

marionz5958d ago (Edited 5958d ago )

ive played R&C on ps3 and dude i gotta say even kameo has better textures then r&c, thats no bull, look at anything close in that game and it shines, especially the throne room
kameo was a launch game, imagine what banjo will be like

ps sony fans call halo 3 halo 2.5 or whatever, well R&C is in the same boat, looks like the ps2 game in hd

below, nope totally serious, i was bored or R&C by the third day, its just the same as the other games, and if you mean jokeing about kameos textures being better then no i fully believe that statement, the bump mapping and quality of the textures for a platform game leave R&C for dead, cutscenes in R&C are nice but its just the same sh1t different console
cant wait for banjo tho!

crunchie1015958d ago

anyway, on a more relevant note, even offscreen these look pretty incredible.

Pressure for Insomniac to make the next R&C more beautiful.

hazeblaze5958d ago

Doesn't really look like enough to pressure Insomniac but the screens do look good. The visuals are very good looking, there just doesn't seem to be much on the screen at all though, in either pic! It'll be interesting to see how the final game shapes up... just hope the final game doesn't end up looking so plain.

Raupet5958d ago

But they need to add more faces, a screen without any faces looking back at you is kinda eerie in a Banjo game :P